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Astro-Climate-Sept 4-Ninth- Expansive Pleasure and Refined Disturbance within the Lunar Subject

ASTRO WEATHER:  SEPT 4-9TH –Refined Disturbances within the Material


We’re popping out of the expansive glow of the Venus station direct and the Jupiter stationary retrograde Sept. 3-4. 

Jupiter, the planet of optimism and growth, is throwing an actual side onto the Solar between Aries and Leo.   This can be most felt on Sunday, Sept 10th  a day dominated by the Solar, and when the Moon is within the Nakshatra of Krittika (Aries 26.40-Taurus 10) Tuesday, Sept. 5th.

This can be a good side for well being, well-being, good luck, good for funds, confidence, and promotions at work.  It’s highly effective coming every week after the Jupiter station on Sept. 4th.  It’s giving nice energy to the Solar in Leo for management and non secular improvement and Jupiter may be very sturdy this week in Aries and able to act to advance non secular improvement and humanitarian tasks.

If you’re working a Solar interval or Leo interval or are Leo rising or Aries rising, it’s possible you’ll notably really feel a raise from the gloom and heaviness that Saturn has been creating however Saturn will proceed to get extra problematic in its retrograde state which fits on till Nov. 3rd

In Monetary astrology, gold ought to like this side and get better larger into September. 8th and doubtless a  week later.   


There are a number of Muhurtha Yogas primarily based on mixtures of the Lunar Days or Tithis, and Days of the Week (Varas) which have a big impact on predicting the power for the day.  Achala Mihajloic has achieved a wonderful job outlining these and making them straightforward to calculate by hand in her Journey with the Moon: Tithis in Spirituality and Astrology and Andrew Foss’s software program, Sri Jyoti Star 10 additionally now consists of most of them.

This week, there are an uncommon variety of adverse mixtures via Saturday.  Monday has a Vinasha yoga which is named an annihilation yoga and is going on with a mixture of the 6th Lunar Day, the Moon on a Monday in Bharani Nakshatra. 

Tuesday can be troubling with a Visha or poison yoga with the Moon in Krittika on a Tuesday with the 7th Lunar Day working which is dominated by Saturn.

Wednesday is the extra auspicious day of the week with the 8th Lunar Day on a Wednesday and can be Krishna’s Birthday with the Moon in Rohini and we’ve got a siddha yoga or day of accomplishment.

Thursday turns bitter with a Vinasha mixture which repeats Monday’s power with the Moon in Mrigashira and occurs on the 9th Lunar Day on a Thursday.

Friday can be tough with Hustana yoga with a mixture of the tenth Lunar Day throughout Ardra Nakshatra on a Friday

Saturday can be a Hustana day with the Moon in Vishakha on a Saturday in the course of the 11th Lunar Day which is named Ekadashi which is related to Lord Shiva and is nice for harnessing non secular practices.

I’m writing about this as a result of it’s regular to have 5 tough yogas in a single week making it a tough week for getting issues achieved and beginning new main occasions in your life.  There are bi-pass occasions daily for 45 minutes referred to as Abhijit Muhurtha when Lord Brahma guidelines.  Relying in your time zone and since we’re on daylight time this roughly runs round 1 pm.

I’ve been following these Muhurtha yogas for my work timing monetary markets and I discover that they’re very important and create a extra upsetting day I discover when they’re working have extra challenges and difficulties.

I’ve a lesson on these in my lessons on Muhurtha and in my Secrets and techniques of the Moon class which can be found on my web site.

After all, these are all contextual to your natal chart, and what dashes you might be working however I discover them fascinating to look at for each day predictive potential.

If you happen to need assistance along with your chart, schedule a session with us at  and click on on the Session Tab.







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