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 We spend the month with Venus retrograde till Sept. 3rd and is combust and never seen within the evening sky from August 8-18th. Venus doesn’t negatively get impacted when it’s each retrograde and combust on the identical time.   It retrogrades again into Most cancers on August 7-8 and visits the knotted emotional Gandanta space at 29  Most cancers on these days.  Venus retrograde causes us to reevaluate relationships and work on making them work.  Saturn’s pesky facet is out of the best way within the signal of Most cancers and Mars can be out of the best way and Venus can meditate and determine it out extra simply with much less anger and nervousness.   

For Aries and Scorpio rising we now have the complete facet of Jupiter trining Mars from Aries to Leo on August 1st at 19 Leo.  After the heavy hand of Saturn hit Mars on July 20th, it’s good to get a look from Jupiter and really feel Divine grace and good luck and the decision of the Guru.  Most cancers and Leos may even take pleasure in this facet essentially the most.

Virgos will endure essentially the most this month with Mercury doing a 12th home transit and with Mercury, the lord of Virgo being hit by an opposition from Saturn into August 1st additionally.  At greatest this may create sluggish and cautious writing tasks that permit depth to emerge. Extra troubling it may possibly result in delays in communication and misunderstandings and can really feel like a Mercury retrograde.  Mercury strikes rapidly so it is going to be rapidly out of vary by August 5th however bear in mind to speak clearly to stop misunderstandings.  Mars shouldn’t be removed from Mercury for a lot of August and this may result in arguments and purposes of being proper.  Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter. Keep away from poking at individuals on social media or spending hours proving your level as you can be exhausted within the course of and lose your mates.

Mercury goes retrograde on August 23rd at 27 Leo and in case you are Virgo rising, the sudden bills and delays could proceed for some time till Oct 1st  so be affected person and do your time to charity and humanitarian endeavors to bypass the issues of the 12th homes. Geminis can use the time to jot down and take speech courses or get into debate membership.

Mars strikes into Virgo on August 18-Oct 3rd.  That is an enemy’s signal and rekindles these arguments.  Virgo is the pure 6th home of the zodiac and is the place for therapeutic and well being issues to come up for Aries rising and Scorpio.  Keep on high of weight loss program, train, and meditation to get via the transit.

We have now two full moons this month on August 1 and a blue moon on August 30th.   Blue moons are very predictable and occur each 2.5 years so they don’t seem to be unusual though traditionally the time period was meant to be unusual and originated within the early 1800s in London.   The moon will not often look blue however now and again a volcanic eruption or forest hearth can produce the correct combos of sulfur dioxide and ash to create that look.

The Most cancers full moon on August 1st is auspicious as a result of the moon is in its signal making a full coronary heart and full nurturing energies.  Full moons in August are Sturgeon moons trigger that happen when bigger Sturgeon fish seem within the Nice Lakes and this was famous by the Algonquin tribe.  The second full moon may very well be thought of the Full Inexperienced Corn Moon as a result of it’s earlier than corn could be harvested because it was absolutely grown however not dry sufficient. This was additionally recognized by Native American individuals.

Saturn stays retrograde till Nov 4th and teaches us to be affected person with delays, endure our struggling with perseverance and work more durable for our objectives.  Saturn isn’t enjoyable but it surely finally does bear the fruits of laborious work.


The nodes are going to get bizarre as we transfer into September.  Within the True Node system, they’re at 1 diploma to 29 levels Sept 15-Dec. 13th.  When they’re on the sting, they will peer into an alternate universe.  Psychology will get eerie and bizarre and distorted.    Rahu when by being sandhi or on the sting could be extra anxious or paranoid, feels constrained by forces past his management, victimized by overpowering forces, could have extra nightmares or troublesome goals, or be a bit manic-depressive.  You probably have your Solar or Moon 29-1  diploma of the water indicators/air signal juncture in your natal chart or in case you are Aquarius rising which is co-ruled by Rahu or in case you are in a Rahu interval or a Dasha interval the place Rahu is the nakshatra lord. It might additionally result in vacancy main towards addictive patterns, frustration, sorrow, dejection, psychological depth, and psychological anguish.

Ketu on the sting 1.30  diploma Scorpio to twenty-eight.30  can have a powerful need to alter instructions in life, desires to surrender materials attachment, feels disillusioned, has troublesome emotional knots to unravel, feels unsettled and his emotional distortions could have a tendency towards self-isolation. could really feel caught previously with regrets. This one could begin to be felt by Sept. 1st and final into late December.





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