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Dropping Weight With Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant

Jupiter paintHello Elsa,

I’ve been carrying plenty of weight on my physique for a few years. I can’t appear to take it off anymore. My drawback is motivation and inconsistency with train. Any solutions to assist me transfer right into a section the place I’m treating myself and my physique extra healthily?


Expensive Burdened,

Yeah, I might help. You could have the planet Jupiter sitting proper in your ascendant (your rising signal). The ascendant reveals the physique and Jupiter expands something it touches. Consequently it’s quite common for folks with “Jupiter rising” because it’s referred to as, to be giant.

Nevertheless, you’re not doomed and I can inform you this for positive. I’ve Jupiter rising myself, and I’ve beat the burden factor (knock on wooden!!)

Right here’s the deal. We’re optimistic folks with our thoughts on the longer term. We expect tomorrow is at all times going to be higher than right now. And Jupiter isn’t eager on limits. We’re exuberant: extra is healthier! And in reality, we’d be effective if different elements of us weren’t concerned about becoming in our denims. We’d simply develop and develop and develop. However alas, it turns into an issue.

It’s an issue that may be solved fairly readily. You solely want perceive the power you embody that seeks expression, and redirect it. Like an individual who may be very insightful. They will use their expertise to heal, or to harm. Identical with Jupiter. This power can do a hell of much more than develop your physique.

For instance, you’re a pure trainer. Should you educate and preach all day, Jupiter will likely be engaged and also you gained’t be consuming.

Secondly, you’re a horse. A wild one! And what does a wild horse seem like? They positive as hell aren’t fats. They’re on the moooooooove. Transfer. Should you get your self transferring, you’ll not be consuming. Get it? As a result of Jupiter is in any other case engaged.

Third. Journey!! Journey is Jupitarian as a result of it expands you. Go locations! Each day! What does a wild horse do? It will get round. It sees what’s over the horizon and over the horizon past that. Is consuming the main target? After all not.

Final. READ. Educate your self. Particularly faith and philosophy. That is one other method to develop, sure? And once you’re smarter, return up there to the primary thought and do what? TEACH! Train others.

So there you go. That is you… when you choose to operate on a better degree. Fats isn’t within the equation is it?

Good luck



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