Solar in Scorpio–Nov. 16-Dec. fifteenth

Mercury in Scorpio- til Nov. 26th

Mars in Scorpio—Nov. 16- Dec. 27th

Rahu trining Scorpio  Nov. 28 2023-Could 2025

Saturn sq. Mars in Scorpio—Precise Nov. 25th

We’re in Scorpio season with the Solar shifting in Scorpio since Thursday and Mars since Thursday additionally.

Scorpio is an indication of depth and depth with intense feelings which might be hardly conducive to emotional steadiness and well-being. It’s watery too – however Scorpio represents swamps, so it’s linked to stagnant water.  It’s linked to thriller, to the pure eighth signal home of the zodiac to dying and transformation, and religious and occult data.   It’s a Brahman signal and creates deeply religious people for previous souls however for brand spanking new souls, it will possibly crammed with deep kundalini vitality that may be intense to deal with and will get discharged sexually.  Ayurveda connects it to the personal elements and the anus and that may usher in its darker aspect however on the next stage at its most mystical stage, it’s linked to deep kundalini vitality that must be drawn up the backbone to succeed in the crown chakra and blossom into Self-realization. If religious initiation fails, an intense lifetime of sexual frustration and bottled-up vitality can occur.   The Western astrological stereotype of Scorpios can simply manifest right into a deep sexual urge for food, aggressive acquisition of wealth, and unscrupulous strategies for attaining wealth with deep private ambition.

Scorpio is an intense signal of the zodiac and has many blind spots and Venus in Scorpio might expertise some.  Blind spots for Scorpios embrace having hassle making modifications round work dwelling and relationship as a set signal being too usually crammed with emotional upheavals and being too manipulative to keep away from emotional upheaval and this results in being controlling. Scorpions should learn to open their hearts with out ambition concern or management!

Ketu is the first ruler of Scorpio which is the pure home of transformations, errors, lack of consciousness, and previous karma. Every planet within the eighth home exhibits our unawareness and previous errors so it represents core blind spots in our life that our soul has. It is sort of a manufacturing facility error in our life that we’re blind to after we purchase it.   A planet positioned in Scorpio naturally will get linked to previous lives and core-level blind spots.

Scorpio teaches us that our authentic mistake is the identification with the physique because the self when it’s so rather more as Ketu and the eighth home remind us of our mystical interior Divinity and generally we’re prompted to do that by going by the eighth home challenges like divorce, acute sickness and litigation to keep in mind that life is a lot larger and so we may be prompted to find God.

Scorpios lead a deeply pissed off life but in addition considered one of achievement.  They’re unable to disclose the depth of struggling and despair to their pals who may even see solely their outer achievements.   The pure eighth signal of the zodiac ties them to deep previous lives of struggling and previous karma that should be labored out.    Any planet in Scorpio will recommend deep previous life karma for that signification to be labored out. Solar in Scorpio might recommend deep karmic points with the daddy and so on whereas Venus in Scorpio might imply deep karmic previous lives with the partner. .

The answer for Scorpio is Jupiter and the power to be concerned in data entry the ability of the Guru and implement religious instructing. If this doesn’t occur then it’s simple to get entangled in a world of upheavals and this may increasingly lead
to getting gripped by obsessive energy performs and fantasies.  Jupiter owns the 2nd and fifth homes and means that the knowledge of Jupiter and having a religious Guru can uplift Scorpios and there’s a want for prime ethics, selfless service, and assembly social obligations and finding out the Vedas.

Scorpios have an odd relationship with the Moon.   Although it owns the ninth home, it’s bhadaka which implies that Scorpios could also be topic to deep karmic points with Gurus, their father, or with non secular or religious organizations. I usually discover that Scorpios are liable to religious by-passing which suggests utilizing religious observe to not take care of their emotional and psychological grunge.  If the moon is weak in a Scorpio chart, there may be large tidal waves of emotional upsurge and a non-spiritual particular person will flip to medication and alcohol or intercourse to take care of that vitality whereas a religious particular person might conceal out in meditation. In both case, except these energies are remodeled the just isn’t wholesome therapeutic.  The important thing to Scorpio Moon is to precise one’s emotional blocks. Do breath work to unblock the feelings and do the yoga pose the Eagle which forces the feelings to get entangled and unblocked.

Mercury is probably the most tough planet for Scorpio even when it helps revenue.  Intellectualism and carnal play are the best pitfalls to Scorpio.  They should act and transfer by instinct and never get caught of their head.    Mercury is just too argumentative and logical for Scorpios.    They’ll get trapped by Mercury’s wit and create deep sarcastic energies which might be harmful.

Venus governs the seventh and twelfth and therefore it acts like a Greek Siren and may drain Scorpio’s very important fluids and take him off his religious quest for moksha and Self-Realization.  Venus also can seduce Scorpio into an excessive amount of materials consolation and pull him off a deeper quest.

Ketu co-owns Scorpio and may be the first proprietor and provides deep religious depth to Scorpio as Rahu is debilitated in Scorpio and creates deep issues with habit and getting misplaced within the unconscious swamp.

Saturn owns the 4th home making their emotional coronary heart very susceptible to life’s uncertainties and creating deep fears that power them to regulate others and their atmosphere relatively than be emotionally susceptible.  On a deep stage, Saturn makes them conscious of their susceptible emotional nature and results in deep problems with management and rigidity to operate on the planet.

Scorpios have issues with the house ingredient and will have hassle getting grounded resulting in an excessive amount of meditation or residing an excessive amount of within the intuitive and religious realms. They should do weight coaching and grounding workout routines, group, and speak to with the Guru to drag them out.

Benefit from the transits by Scorpio and revel in its deep psychological depth in addition to its mystical aspect.


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