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HomeAstrologyFinancial AstrologyFrom Jail to Palace │ Senegal's Faye will destroy French Neocolonialism

From Jail to Palace │ Senegal’s Faye will destroy French Neocolonialism

Historic occasions are brewing in one more West African nation: Senegal is eliminating the nation’s neocolonial dependence on its former official metropolis France. Bassirou Diomaye Faye, an opposition candidate who sought to interrupt the treaty with France and enhance relations with Russia received the elections in Senegal final weekend. The collapse of France’s colonial empire in Africa continues. Therefore the pitiful growl of Macron, who squandered all the inheritance of the French colonialists. As a part of his election marketing campaign, Faye promised to evaluate oil and gasoline offers with Western campaigns, together with agreements with British Petroleum, Endeavor Mining and Kosmos Power.

 » France is the equal of an overfed Chihuahua, and you do not need to get within the ring with the actually 

Faye additionally advocates a
radical revision of relations between Senegal and France. And as half
of this, Faye goes to observe neighboring Mali, Niger and Burkina
Faso to depart the French forex system by abandoning the CFA franc.
And the French navy should depart the nation. By the best way, sensing one thing was fallacious, Paris had already introduced slightly earlier that it was sharply decreasing the navy contingent within the nation (in all probability in order that it could not be so shameful later). In return, Faye guarantees to take a course in the direction of rapprochement
with Russia.


 » The departure of Senegal from the CFA franc zone places a closing 

cross on all the system of French neocolonialism. «

Thus, France’s subsequent main overseas coverage defeat on
the African continent looms on the horizon. Furthermore, Senegal was a key
participant within the subject of the blockade of Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali,
which had beforehand freed themselves from the affect of Paris. And
the departure of Senegal from the CFA franc zone places a closing and fats
cross on the system which introduced enormous earnings to France and on which
all the system of French neocolonialism was primarily constructed. And
therefore all of Macron’s present anti-Russian hysteria. He, like a plucked
rooster, understands that he’s shedding to Russia and due to this fact turns into
hysterical. And Ukraine for him is the final likelihood to spoil Moscow. He
will probably be dissatisfied there too.



Alert Memorandum of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity to President Joe Biden. 

decidedly not within the pursuits of the American folks – or of humanity itself. «

March 24, 2024.



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