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Krittika Nakshatra: The “Star of Fire” or “The Cutter”

Krittika Nakshatra: The "Star of Fire" or "The Cutter"
Krittika Nakshatra: The “Star of Fire” or “The Cutter”

Krittika Nakshatra, also known as the “Star of Fire” or “The Cutter,” is one of the 27 nakshatras or lunar constellations in Hindu astrology. It is associated with the powerful and fiery energy of the Sun and is governed by the deity Agni, the god of fire. Krittika Nakshatra falls within the zodiac sign of Aries and spans from 26 degrees 40 minutes Aries to 10 degrees Taurus.

Characteristics and Symbolism

Sun, Fire Cutter
Sun, Fire Cutter
  1. Symbol: The symbol of Krittika Nakshatra is a razor or a flame, representing sharpness, clarity, and the transformative power of fire.
  2. Nature: Categorizing Krittika Nakshatra as a fierce or sharp nakshatra indicates its dynamic, energetic, and intense nature. It signifies the qualities of courage, determination, and purification.
  3. Ruling Planet: The ruling planet of Krittika Nakshatra is the Sun, which imbues individuals born under this nakshatra with strong leadership abilities, vitality, and a desire for self-expression.
  4. Element: Fire is the dominant element associated with Krittika Nakshatra. This element brings passion, enthusiasm, and a drive for achievement.

Personality Traits

Individuals born under the influence of Krittika Nakshatra possess a fiery and determined personality. They are courageous, ambitious, and possess strong leadership qualities. They have a sharp intellect and are quick thinkers. With their self-discipline and perseverance, they can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Career and Relationships

  1. Career: Individuals influenced by Krittika Nakshatra often gravitate towards careers that require leadership, entrepreneurship, assertiveness, and confidence. They excel in fields such as management, politics, the military, and creative arts.
  2. Relationships: In relationships, individuals born under Krittika Nakshatra are loyal, passionate, and possessive. They seek a partner who matches their energy, ambition, and independence. They can be protective and nurturing but may also exhibit a dominant streak.

Positive and Negative Traits

  1. Positive Traits: The positive traits of Krittika Nakshatra individuals include courage, determination, intelligence, leadership skills, passion, creativity, and a strong sense of justice.
  2. People associated with this nakshatra exhibit negative traits such as impatience, impulsiveness, aggression, stubbornness, and a tendency to be self-centered.

Compatibility and Remedies

  1. Compatibility: Krittika Nakshatra is most compatible with individuals born under the influence of Rohini and Uttaraphalguni Nakshatras. This compatibility is based on shared qualities, interests, and the ability to balance each other’s energies.
  2. Remedies: To appease any negative influences, individuals can chant the Aditya Hridayam Stotram, perform rituals related to the Sun, wear gemstones like ruby, and engage in acts of charity and selfless service.


Krittika Nakshatra embodies the fiery and transformative power of the Sun. Those born under this nakshatra possess remarkable qualities of courage, determination, and leadership. By understanding the characteristics and symbolism associated with Krittika Nakshatra, individuals can better appreciate their unique traits and navigate their paths in life