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Glossary – Q


  1. Quadruplicity: In astrology, the classification of zodiac signs into four groups based on their elemental qualities—fire, earth, air, and water.
  2. Quaoar: A minor planet discovered in 2002 and named after a creation deity of the Tongva people. Its astrological significance is still being explored.
  3. Quinary: A system used in astrology that divides the zodiac into five segments, each associated with a particular element or quality.
  4. Quincunx Aspect Pattern: A configuration in astrology that involves two planets in opposition while both forming a quincunx aspect with a third planet, creating a complex dynamic.
  5. Quincunx: An aspect formed between two planets that are roughly 150 degrees apart, creating a sense of tension and adjustment.
  6. Quindecile: An aspect in astrology that occurs when two planets are 165 degrees apart, representing a strong and intense connection with a potential for obsession or compulsion.
  7. Quinquevalent: A term used in astrology to describe a planet’s ability to take on the characteristics of any of the five elements—fire, earth, air, water, and ether.
  8. Quintessence: In astrology, the fifth element that transcends the four classical elements, symbolizing spiritual energy and higher consciousness.
  9. Quintile Series: A sequence of aspects formed by dividing the zodiac into five equal parts, indicating different levels of creativity, inspiration, and talents.
  10. Quintile: A minor aspect in astrology that occurs when two planets are roughly 72 degrees apart, signifying creative potential and talent.
  11. Quirinus: An asteroid named after the ancient Roman god of war and peace, representing assertiveness and diplomatic abilities in astrology.
  12. Quotidian Arc: The daily movement of the celestial sphere in relation to an individual’s natal chart, which helps determine the timing of events in astrology.
  13. Quotidian Directions: A predictive technique in astrology that involves calculating the movement of celestial bodies on a daily basis to determine significant life events.
  14. Quotidian Profection: A technique used in Hellenistic astrology to determine the annual themes and events by advancing the Ascendant one degree per day.
  15. Quotidian Revolution: An astrological technique that involves casting a chart for the exact time each year when the Sun returns to its natal position.
  16. Quotidian Secondary Progressions: A method of astrological prediction that combines daily movement with secondary progressions, providing insights into shorter-term trends and events.
  17. Quotidian Solar Return: A technique that combines the solar return chart with the daily movement of the Ascendant to provide a more nuanced perspective on an individual’s year ahead.
  18. Quotidian Transits: The analysis of daily planetary transits and their impact on an individual’s natal chart, providing insights into short-term influences and events.
  19. Quotidian: A term used in traditional astrology to refer to daily movements and aspects of celestial bodies and their impact on individual horoscopes.
  20. Quotient: In astrology, the result of dividing one planetary position or angle by another, providing insight into the dynamics and relationships between celestial bodies