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Glossary – X

  1. Xanadu: A hypothetical astrological term denoting a utopian or idealistic state associated with harmony and tranquility.
  2. Xanthic: A term in astrology describing individuals with a yellowish complexion or having a dominant influence of the planet Jupiter.
  3. Xanthism: A rare astrological condition referring to a person born with abnormally pale or yellowish hair, often associated with unique spiritual sensitivity.
  4. X-axis: In astrological charts, the horizontal line that represents the ascendant-descendant axis, reflecting personal identity and relationships.
  5. Xenoglossy: An astrological phenomenon wherein an individual spontaneously speaks or understands a foreign language, usually associated with past life memories.
  6. Xenophily: The astrological trait or inclination towards embracing foreign cultures, ideas, or experiences.
  7. X-factor: An astrological term used to describe an enigmatic quality possessed by certain individuals that attracts attention and fascination.
  8. Xiphos: In astrology, a term referring to the alignment of planets in the shape of a sword, symbolizing power and determination.
  9. X-ray Vision: A figurative term used in astrology to describe a heightened intuition or the ability to perceive hidden truths.
  10. Xylophagy: Symbolic of an astrological trait characterized by a strong connection to nature, particularly trees and the energy they represent.