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We get the third move of the Mars/Mercury planetary conflict with Mercury profitable the conflict and with the precise conjunction on Wednesday,  Dec. Twenty seventh at 731 pm EST.   Mars and Mercury are bitter enemies in conjunction as a result of Mercury must win by the mind and Mars is just too motion oriented to win a disagreement.   The 2 create squabbling and irritation and it will likely be felt significantly by Gemini and Virgo rising and Aries and Scorpio and Sagittarius rising most.   If you don’t discover a technique to launch anger and battle, it might spillover into accidents and fires and wounds and cuts.

We have to mannequin ourselves after  youngsters.  They get indignant, they let loose their aggression and so they might even get right into a combat with one other child however then its over and so they transfer on and they don’t maintain onto it.  As a adults we’ve got been taught that combating and aggression are unhealthy and we repress it.  Discover a technique to get to let go of your anger in a optimistic manner.  Scream on the high of your lungs in an empty automobile or home; take a baseball bat and pound a pillow;  do some train or interact in a aggressive sport; do some service work and assist veterans on a Tuesday or donate to their charities.

Once we really feel victimized and don’t categorical or act then accidents occur so we will achieve sympathy for frustration.  Don’t let it get that far.  Discover a technique to get it out an launch it earlier than it will get harmful.  Aries, Scorpios, Geminis and Virgos and Sagittarius Rising  are most susceptible Dec. Twenty sixth-Twenty eighth  and on days like Wednesday which is dominated by Mercury and Tuesday dominated by Mars.  We even have fear in regards to the world as world leaders can get into indignant shouting matches with this power.

The excellent news is that the 2 planets are in several indicators and completely different nakshatras till they’re each at zero levels Sagittarius on the Twenty seventh.   That is within the gandanta space the place deep darkish feelings floor to get cleansed and healed.   .

Mercury  is profitable  the planetary conflict with Wednesday  morning  then possibly much less so after the precise conjunction on Wednesday  so an excellent few days to hunker down if you’re in a Mars/Mercury or Mercury/Mars interval and Aries and Scorpio appear significantly susceptible so drive fastidiously. Jupiter is trining the Solar on the Twenty seventh and this may usher in good luck and soothe troubled feelings a bit.

The mix of Mercury and Mars can deliver up disputes and arguments so bear in mind to not argue within the automobile and pullover if one thing begins and drive fastidiously and be careful for the opposite man Dec. 26-Twenty seventh throughout probably the most intense a part of that transit.  Drive fastidiously. Be alert for the opposite man.

Mars/Mercury causes us to get caught up considering in our head and hashing over issues that individuals have stated and that stops us from being alert (Mars) after which issues occur.  So concentrate on one factor at a time. If you’re driving, don’t speak in your cellphone and multi-task. Keep targeted.  If you’re exercising or in bodily exercise, be 100%.

Mars-related yoga postures could be useful for creating alertness so doing the Warrior Pose will assist and the frog pose will assist with low power from the Solar’s combustion to assist the adrenals discover extra energy.   Shoulder stands will help Mercury and calm the over-active thoughts.

So, you all watch out on the market because the Sargent in Hill Avenue Blues used to remain!

Have an amazing day.

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