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New Moon in Leo — The Hoodwitch

New Moon in Leo — The Hoodwitch


Astrology by Lisa Stardust


The Leo New Moon happens on August 16 at 2:38 AM PT and 5:38 AM ET. This lunation goes to make {our relationships} really feel wild and uncontrolled. With Venus retrograde and Uranus aspecting the Moon, previous feelings will come again out of nowhere and can be stronger than ever. The erratic nature of Venus retrograde and Uranus goes to make us extra anxious and vulnerable to projecting power at others, as a substitute of coping with our personal feelings. The proximity of the Nodes of Future provides a fated ingredient, making the occasions of the day a part of our private journey in life.


The centaur Chiron, in addition to the asteroids Ceres, Eris, Vesta, and Black Moon Lilith are bringing loads of depth to the lunation. The will to be free from the previous is shifting us in direction of a brand new frame of mind — one which goes to interrupt patterns, take away us from poisonous conditions, and permit us to see that we don’t should be handled with out love or kindness by anybody. Passions can be excessive, making us act impulsively with out pondering of the results, which is why it’s essential to grasp the burden of our choices earlier than following by way of.


Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow. Take into account that many sentiments expressed can be given a second likelihood. Which means, we’ll have two extra instances to get it proper within the weeks forward. If an argument happens in the course of the New Moon, we are able to count on all apologies to come back when Mercury begins its planetary moonwalk on August 23.


 Leo guidelines the center chakra, which is why it’s finest to provide ourselves self-love, by therapeutic and cleaning this power middle. Place a rose quartz crystal below the New Moon and let it soak up the lunar frequencies and vibrations. When it’s carried out charging below the Moon, put it in your coronary heart chakra and meditate. Set an intention for your self as you’re resting. Shut your eyes and visualize it. As soon as you possibly can focus in your objectives and have a transparent imaginative and prescient, it’ll be straightforward to work in direction of since your coronary heart is in it.


I’m a strong radiant being worthy of affection.


I can stand tall and confidently by being myself.


I’ll implement self-care to take care of a contented life.


I may also help others after I are likely to my very own wants.


I’m open to all of the adjustments that life affords.


I’m a person who shines vibrant.


I’m not outlined by others, I outline myself.


I can accomplish something I set my thoughts to.


I’ll embrace totally different philosophies to seek out my means.


I can use my innate skills to realize my goals.


I’m a giver of affection and affection to my friends.


I can be current to realize happinesses.



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