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Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: The Nice Substitute – Europe has fallen

Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: The Nice Substitute – Europe has fallen


Their message is evident. Our lifestyle, our Christian faith, our nations, they must go with out exception. Their imaginative and prescient of the long run is the neoliberal, unrecognizable Europe, the place each metropolis turns into form of like Brussels. Ugly, soiled, unsafe, zero social cohesion. And what are we left with? A everlasting state of isolation, confusion and disorientation. 

» Everybody who has eyes can see it:

The native white Christian European inhabitants is being changed at an ever-accelerating price.«


[…] So what is the antidote? A robust Christian Europe of sovereign nation states. That is why we have to outright reject the lie that nationalism causes warfare. It isn’t nationalism or nationwide sovereignty that causes warfare. It is expansionism. And the place in Europe do we discover that these days? In a single place and one place solely: Brussels. Is not it humorous how the identical individuals who erode our nationwide sovereignty at the moment are telling us that we have to spend billions and billions of euros on the nationwide sovereignty of Ukraine?

» I’m going to attract the forbidden conclusion:

The Nice Substitute Idea is now not a principle.«  

[…] Throughout a current interview I acquired requested: Do you suppose that you just ever go too far? Do you suppose that you just’re ever too radical? I considered it for a second and mentioned: “No, I do not suppose I am going too far. Reality be informed. I believe we in Europe don’t go far enough. I believe that if we actually take into consideration the organized structural assault on our civilization, that we do not do sufficient. Can we do sufficient to cease the assault on our households, on our continent, on our international locations and our faith? Once we hear about one other homicide, one other stabbing of a younger harmless little one, can we do sufficient? Once we know that our nationwide sovereignty has been given up in Brussels, can we do sufficient? Once we hear that Christian youngsters in Germany at the moment are changing to Islam to slot in, can we do sufficient? I do not suppose so. 


The totalitarian establishment of the European Union wants to come back down. Let me be clear: I do not imagine in reforms. When the muse of your establishment is rotten, and that’s the case in Brussels, you may rebuild the home on high of all of it you need, nevertheless it’s nonetheless going to crumble. So the one reply is: The Tower of Babel must be destroyed! We’re the daughters and sons of the best nations on Earth. And we have to ask ourselves, what has occurred to us? The place can we come from? And extra importantly, the place are we going? 


Our elites have declared a warfare on us, and now it’s time for us to placed on the total armor of God, battle again and win.  



April 25, 2024


The Islamic New World Order is Right here – Europe has fallen.



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