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2024 Astrology Dates — The Hoodwitch

2024 Astrology Dates — The Hoodwitch



The eclipses of 2024 are permitting us to see who and what we’re partnering with. We might determine that it is best for us to place our wants first and to foster the relationships that we see evolving and rising. If one thing is not working, we might discover that it is best to place it on pause or ice in the meanwhile and concentrate on how we are able to make our lives higher.


  • March 25: Lunar Eclipse in Libra

  • April 8: Photo voltaic Eclipse in Aries

  • September 17: Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

  • October 2: Photo voltaic Eclipse in Libra



Mercury Retrograde:

Through the upcoming 12 months, Mercury retrograde will traverse via the fireplace indicators, aside from a planetary moonwalk over the summer season, which is able to shift from Virgo to Leo. The retrogrades are designed to coach us about how we are able to make the most of our creativity and talk successfully with others. It is advisable to take a pause and rethink our phrases earlier than impulsively uttering them. This fashion, we are able to make the most of our verbal expertise to unfold kindness as an alternative of coming throughout as harsh and aggressive.


  • November 25, 2023: Mercury enters its pre-shadow in Sagittarius

  • December 13, 2023: Mercury retrograde commences in Capricorn

  • January 1, 2024: Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius

  • January 20: Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow in Capricorn

  • March 18: Mercury enters its pre-shadow in Aries

  • April 1: Mercury retrograde begins in Aries

  • April 25: Mercury turns direct in Aries

  • Might 13: Mercury ends its post-retrograde shadow in Aries


  • July 16: Mercury enters its pre-shadow in Leo

  • August 4: Mercury retrograde begins in Virgo

  • August 28: Mercury turns direct in Leo

  • September 11: Mercury ends its post-retrograde shadow in Virgo

  • November 7: Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow in Sagittarius

  • November 25: Mercury retrograde commences in Sagittarius

  • December 15: Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius

  • January 2, 2025: Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow in Sagittarius




In 2024, Venus will likely be creating a number of lovely facets within the planet of affection, relationships, and cash. These are the very best dates to look out for:


February 22: Venus and Mars type a conjunction in Aquarius, enabling understanding with others

April 3: Venus and Neptune join in Pisces, amplifying our feelings and fantasies  

Might 23: Venus and Jupiter align in Taurus

June 4: Venus Cazimi AKA The Venus Star Level happens in Gemini, encouraging us to talk from our hearts and categorical our innermost ideas and emotions



Mars Retrograde:

Mars’ planetary moonwalk gives a possibility for us to follow persistence in our responses to completely different conditions. This transit encourages us to strategy our actions in a extra strategic means fairly than impulsively.


  • October 4: Mars enters the pre-retrograde shadow in Leo  

  • December 6: Mars retrograde in Leo commences

  • February 23, 2025: Mars retrograde in Leo ends

  • Might 2, 2025: Mars leaves the post-retrograde shadow in Leo



Jupiter ends its stint in Taurus in 2024 after which enters Gemini on Might 25. This planetary shift will enable us to concentrate on how we talk successfully and provides us an opportunity to shift our philosophies on issues.


  • April 20: Jupiter and Uranus facet one another in Taurus, altering our basis, funds, and beliefs

  • Might 18: Jupiter and the Solar unite in Taurus, making it an plentiful and fortunate time

  • Might 23: Jupiter and Venus type a conjunction  in Taurus, heightening our romantic wishes

  • Might 25: Jupiter enters Gemini, permitting us to develop our communication expertise and sense of neighborhood

  • August 19 and December 24: Jupiter in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces, making us query our selections as we evolve




Within the upcoming 12 months, Pluto will transition from Aquarius to Capricorn, after which again to Aquarius. This planetary motion presents a helpful alternative for us to reevaluate our private progress and be certain that we’re not reverting to outdated habits. As Pluto enters Aquarius, we will likely be prompted to think about our world evolution and the way we are able to work in direction of scientific developments, area exploration, and fostering connections with humanity.


  • January 20: pluto enters Aquarius, returning to March 23, 2023, when the transformative planet first entered the revolutionary signal

  • September 1 to November 19: pluto will likely be in Capricorn as soon as once more throughout its retrograde part. Nevertheless, it can return to Aquarius on November 19, staying there till 2043



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