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2024 S&P 500 Election 12 months Seasonal Sample │ Jeff Hirsch

2024 S&P 500 Election 12 months Seasonal Sample │ Jeff Hirsch


 2024 is an Election 12 months and the sitting President is operating for workplace once more. 

On this constellation the S&P 500 usually tends to (1.) development greater from early January into mid February;  

(2.) decline into late March; (3.) stand up for the remainder of the 12 months, particularly after elections.

The S&P 500’s common annual return throughout Election Years is 11.6%.

Since 1833 the fourth 12 months within the Decennial Sample has been up 13 vs 6 occasions down with a mean annual return of 5.22%.


In 1967 Yale Hirsch revealed the primary Inventory Dealer’s Almanac, during which he introduced the now well-known 4 12 months Presidential Election Cycle as an important and predictive indicator of inventory market efficiency. The outcomes are comparatively regular, whatever the president’s political leanings in workplace on the time, and the 12 months after every presidential election marks the beginning of a brand new four-year inventory market cycle. Contemplating annual returns of every 12 months within the 4 12 months cycle, the Pre-Election 12 months (2023) is taken into account finest, and  the Election 12 months second
Over the previous 30 years,
January features have occurred 17 occasions (57%), whereas losses numbered 13 (43%), barely higher than the flip of a coin.


Essentially the most predictive interval of the 12 months stays November 19 to January 19. Wayne Whaley coined this era the ‘Flip of the 12 months (TOY) Barometer’. If the return of this 2-month interval is better than 3%, a bullish
sign is given, and the market may be very more likely to do nicely over the
following 12 months. If the return is 0-3%, the sign is taken into account impartial; and if the return is destructive, the sign is bearish, and returns very poor. Presently the S&P 500 trades some 6% above the November 19 stage.




Jan 02 (Tue) = optimistic
Jan 06 (Sat) = destructive
Jan 19 (Fri) = destructive
Jan 30 (Tue) = optimistic

Jan 04 (Thu) = Low
Jan 13 (Sat) = Excessive
Jan 22 (Mon) = Low
Jan 29 (Mon) = Excessive




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