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Just a few years in the past I used the 666 day and 666 week cycles to level to December 2021 as a possible main market peak. You’ll be able to nonetheless discover that article right here: The Feigenbaum cycle.

The S&P 500 index ultimately peaked out at 4818.62 on January 4, 2022. The forecasts was not good, however susprisingly shut, given the lengthy length of a 666 week cycle. I wish to use this little article to point out how the enjoyable continued and what might be subsequent.

The S&P 500 dropped to a low of 3491.58 on October 13, 2022. First issues first, simple arithmetic exhibits us the decline was 1327.04 factors (4818.62 – 3491.58), which is sort of precisely 666 x 2.

The length of the decline was 9 months and 9 days (keep in mind the significance of numbers 3, 6 and 9, which was identified by of us like W.D. Gann and Nikolai Tesla). It was additionally 282 days (2+8+2 = 12 = 3). Good how that “works”, isn’t it? And it’s in fact 40 weeks. Most historic traditions level to 40 (days, weeks, years…) as a vital quantity, you can also make or take what you need from that.

Now, if we add 9 month and 9 days to October 13, 2022 then we discover July 22, 2023. That implies that, this week, we’ll precisely stability out the decline that preceded the present bull market, no less than from the angle of time length. I cannot predict that this implies the present rally should finish or pause at this level. However when a time interval repeats it doesn’t harm to maintain your eyes open with that info in thoughts.

We’ve two foremost eventualities at this level. Situation 1 is that we’re on the best way to new all time highs already and we’ll get to new document highs earlier than we might revisit the 2022 low (if ever). In that case I’d anticipate the following main peak to return in no less than 666 x 2 above the present all time excessive. So that might be 4818.62 + 1332 = 6150 or greater.

Situation 2 is that we dip beneath the 2022 lows earlier than the market will get to new highs. We don’t know from what stage such a second bear market would begin, but it surely may come as a 666 x 3, or 2000 factors drop. If we’re on the excessive proper now (4555), then that might imply a drop to 2555, which might put it within the neighborhood of the 2018 and 2020 panic lows.

This usually are not the one potentialities. A double prime may type too, however double tops are fairly uncommon, so I’d not take into account that till there may be extra purpose to take action.

Different attention-grabbing dates you possibly can already mark in your calendar are November 1, 2023 (666 days after the January 2022 document excessive) and August 9, 2024 (666 days after the October 2022 low).

Good luck.



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