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7 Divorce Placements In The Natal Chart

7 Divorce Placements In The Natal Chart


The delivery chart is a roadmap of our life that signifies the place we’re more likely to succeed and the place we could battle in life. This contains relationships, together with the potential for divorce which reveals up within the natal chart. 

Frequent divorce placements within the delivery chart

Following are a few of the commonest divorce placements. Whereas these transits are indicative of divorce, this doesn’t assure a divorce is imminent. Don’t let worry wreck the potential for discovering lasting love.

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Let’s say you’ve one or a number of of those transits. In case your accomplice’s chart is complementary in synastry, issues should work out. Additionally, folks keep collectively for a wide range of causes together with kids, monetary causes, and faith or just because they don’t wish to divorce.

In different phrases, if you wish to marry, imagine you’ve met your particular person and the connection is just not abusive, you shouldn’t robotically let a worry of failure forestall marriage however somewhat critically contemplate all prospects.

1. An intercepted seventh home

Based on Astrologer and TikTok creator Alyssa Sharpe, an intercepted seventh home, the home of marriage, is one indicator of a possible divorce. An interception happens within the chart when you’ve a home bigger than 30 levels and engulfing a complete signal. The signal could be completely enclosed in the home; due to this fact it doesn’t seem in the beginning of the home.

2. Exhausting Venus placement

Sharpe explains that “the situation of your Venus” might be one other indicator of divorce, utilizing her personal chart for example.



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