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7 Errors To Keep away from When Studying Points –

7 Errors To Keep away from When Studying Points –


Points are maybe probably the most troublesome astrology pillar, as a result of points weave collectively all the opposite astrology archetypes: planets, indicators, and homes. Points are very advanced!

When studying one thing as advanced as Points, it’s solely pure that we make errors alongside the way in which.

Errors are a traditional a part of studying – and nothing to really feel dangerous about.

The excellent news is that studying about these errors will help us make massive progress in a brief time frame. It’s not that every one your studying was in useless – the data remains to be there – it’s only a matter of reframing it and taking a look at it from totally different views.

Listed below are the most typical errors most individuals make with Points, from our expertise of working with astrology college students of all ranges:

Mistake #1 – Leaping straight to planetary points

We’re all responsible of this one. We’ve all began our journey to points by studying books or googling what “Venus sq. Neptune” means, earlier than having a transparent understanding of what the sq. means.

After all, points solely exist between planets. Nevertheless, after we attempt to be taught points this manner as newbies, the quantity of data could be overwhelming.

Unknowingly, we accept ‘adequate’ half-grasping of points after which we feature ahead this method as our astrology data expands, leaving conceptual ‘holes’. We don’t even know what we don’t know!

Mistake #2 – Categorizing points as “laborious” or “gentle” or mixing up squares with oppositions, or sextiles with trines

After we make these broad brush categorizations, we’re lacking essential interpretation nuances. Every side serves a novel function.

Oppositions are usually not the identical as squares. The objective of an opposition is to assist us perceive ourselves higher by role-playing the unintegrated components of our psyche by 1-on-1 relationships. Squares as a substitute assist us combine into our surroundings, by instructing us to reply to outdoors challenges.

Squares and oppositions work very otherwise and serve very totally different functions. Oppositions are about “us”, squares are about “the world”. Very totally different taking part in grounds.

A side is just not solely ‘difficult’ or ‘harmonious’ – every side has a novel modus operandi and a really particular space of affect.

Mistake #3 – Giving all of the points the identical significance

Astrology software program is designed to hyperlink all of the geometrical points planets make within the natal chart.

After we take a look at the chart, we see a line between Solar and Neptune, and one other line between Neptune and Pluto, and we’re prompted to deal with them as if that they had the identical significance.

They don’t.

Points with no less than one private planet are far more related than points between slow-moving planets, that are generational and don’t affect us at a private degree.

The orb of the side issues too. Tight points take priority over unfastened points. This will likely appear difficult however there are some fundamental guidelines which, if adopted, will help us slender down and concentrate on what’s actually necessary within the chart.

Mistake #4 – Endlessly searching for the ‘proper’ side interpretation

You’ve got a Venus-Pluto opposition and also you’ve learn all the pieces about it on the web. The extra you learn/watch movies, the extra the descriptions sound the identical.

The fact is there isn’t any cookbook description side you’ll resonate with 100% as a result of your chart is exclusive.

If astrologers would write books about all of the attainable Venus-Pluto side combos within the 12 indicators and 12 homes we might have a Lord Of The Rings-like trilogy for every side!

That’s not how we be taught points. We be taught points by really studying about all of the constructing parts of the side, and slowly arising with our personal interpretations. There’s a technique to the insanity, and as soon as we perceive how points are delineated from a theoretical perspective, we are going to discover it a lot simpler to use it in follow.

As soon as the which means of the side lands with you, you then received’t must examine it, or find out about it. You’ll simply know what it means.

Mistake #5 – Lacking the “massive image” of the side

How come that that good Venus trine you’ve doesn’t essentially translate into good relationships?

That’s as a result of Venus doesn’t solely make a trine, but in addition squares, oppositions, or quincunxes with different planets. The Venus sq. and opposition will additional form the expression of your natal Venus placement.

Whereas isolating particular person points is a obligatory first step after we’re beginning out, if we wish to give you significant interpretations, we wish to take a look at the “full story”, i.e. in any respect the points a planet makes.

The signal and home placement of a planet provides additional particulars about how a side is expressed.

The identical Mars-Neptune opposition manifests very otherwise when it’s on the Taurus-Scorpio axis vs. the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. The identical Mars-Neptune opposition will affect fully totally different areas of your life, relying on the person’s Mars and Neptune home placement.

Mistake #6 – Believing you need to “be taught extra” – or going for breadth as a substitute of depth

You already know all about squares and trines. So you progress on to minor points, side patterns, development to eclipse factors, or different advanced methods.

The “maintain looking for solutions in other places” syndrome is many instances sourced into an inadequate understanding of the fundamentals.

After we absolutely perceive our Solar conjunction, or our Nodal oppositions, after we get the complete scope of those very fundamental points, we normally discover our solutions. We may write a e-book concerning the Nodal opposition solely!

After all, for those who’re desirous about minor points, this doesn’t essentially imply you don’t grasp the fundamentals. There are certainly skilled astrologers with tons of chart studying expertise who’re completely fluent in points and are prepared for extra area of interest sorts of matters.

Nevertheless, in our expertise, 99% of scholars, together with college students with plenty of astrology publicity, would profit from an precise deep-dive into the core points.

Chart studying is just not about “figuring out extra” – extra points, extra asteroids, extra predictive methods, however about really mastering the fundamentals.

Mistake #7 – Not “proudly owning” the side

We would take a look at our Pluto conjunction or Saturn sq. as dangerous luck “why was I born with this?”, or at finest, as a side we’ve to take care of.

Nevertheless, the one approach to overcome the difficult expression of our points is to personal them.

After we notice that we’re the architects of our natal chart and our life journey, this acceptance permits us to have a look at every natal side for what it’s.

Our soul purposefully selected these classes. We selected these points for a purpose. We want each trines and squares. Life is an attractive journey of progress and transformation.

Deciphering Points Within the Natal Chart

The “Deciphering Points Within the Natal Chart” course is designed that will help you be taught points in a scientific means so that you simply construct on the right studying pillars, one step at a time.

Within the course, we comply with a 4-step method that caters to all studying kinds and it’s confirmed to work:

  1. Study – to assimilate theoretical ideas
  2. Mirror – by finishing assignments
  3. Make clear – ask questions or be taught from examples
  4. Observe – follow side interpretation and get suggestions

Keen on becoming a member of however concern you don’t have time for all actions?

Be a part of anyway – you should have lifetime entry to the course supplies and name recordings, and even for those who can’t attend the calls, you’ll nonetheless profit from the dwell momentum of the course.

The 30+ theoretical classes of the course are pre-recorded and dripped weekly on Mondays. You get entry to transcripts, visuals, and workout routines to which you’ll come again repeatedly, every time time permits.

While you comply with the “Deciphering Points Within the Natal Chart” method, you’ll not:

  • Google or “learn extra” about points → You’ll learn to give you your individual interpretations
  • Really feel overwhelmed → The Facet Studying Components will define the actual steps it’s essential to comply with to investigate a side
  • Marvel reconcile complexity → The “Facet Hierarchy” method and the a number of points workout routines will allow you to carry collectively the totally different particulars of the side right into a significant synthesis
  • Get caught once you attempt to learn a natal chart → Points carry the chart to life! Studying a natal chart comes naturally once you grasp points; points allow you to join the dots of the chart, see patterns, and concentrate on particular areas of curiosity
  • Really feel anxious concerning the so-called “troublesome” points → You’ll embrace the sweetness and distinctive classes and alternatives of every side

Study extra about Deciphering Points Within the Natal Chart and register right here:

>> Deciphering Points Within the Natal Chart <<




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