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A planetary pileup in Pisces

In Chani’s words, March 11th, 2024. A planetary pileup in Pisces.

In a current session, my therapist checked out me and mentioned, “You’re extraordinarily delicate, .” My migraines have not too long ago come again with a vengeance and I’ve discovered myself as soon as once more confronted with the truth that I’m a mere mortal. I hate the reminder. I don’t put on sensitivity as a badge of honor, although I do know it’s a present (that usually looks like a curse). I come from very sturdy, blue-collar inventory. My father is principally Paul Bunyan and my mom is all the time on the go. I’m their porous youngster and have all the time felt a way of non-public diminishment due to it. As an grownup, I can, after all, see how this sensitivity has been a gateway for each blessing in my life. However I unconsciously nonetheless attempt to style myself after two individuals with much more strong constitutions than I. I nonetheless choose myself towards some imagined commonplace of sturdiness. I’m nonetheless making an attempt to maintain up.

If I’m being trustworthy, I’ve by no means felt so stretched. Since changing into a mum or dad, my capability for what was once run-of-the-mill exercise has drastically dwindled. Since October seventh, I’ve been reeling. If something additional pops up in the course of the day (and it all the time does), it has the flexibility to tip me over and pour me out. I do know that I’m in a pre-pre-burnout stage. I’m not there but, however I can really feel how precarious my system’s wellbeing is. I do know that if I don’t prioritize relaxation, friendship, and extra relaxation, there can be hell to pay. I additionally know that given the state of the world, I’m not alone. I don’t wish to repeat Elmo’s newest social media mistake, however I do surprise, how are you all doing?

Pisces season displays a time when our defenses are weakened, once we are rendered extra weak, over-extended, and hopefully a bit extra compassionate. Pisces is the final signal of the zodiac. It’s the endpoint earlier than the wheel begins once more. It’s a cocktail of all that got here earlier than it, and a form of cosmic melting pot. This Pisces season, I really feel like (not-so-cosmic) goo.

On March seventeenth, one of many extra vital transits of this season will happen: The Solar and Neptune will meet up within the ultimate levels of this water signal to type what is named a cazimi. Neptune is a planet of delusions, fantasies, beliefs, divinity, intoxication, escapism, reverie, and bewilderment. Pisces is thought for its boundarylessness, mysticism, and penchant for shape-shifting, evaporating, converging, feeling, crying, and waxing poetic. It needs to turn out to be one with one thing better than itself and sometimes makes an attempt to take action by merging with all the pieces round it — wounds, worries, surprise, and all.

You would say that Neptune and Pisces are an ideal match. Or an overindulgent one.

Moments in time which have a hefty Piscean signature, akin to this week, usually align with occasions that element astounding altruism and loving kindness — however they will simply as usually align with confusion, burnout, deception, and sacrifice. It’s a slippery setup which teaches us that little might be taken at face worth and we have to prioritize our boundaries.

A saving grace: Venus in Pisces

On March eleventh (six days earlier than the Neptune cazimi), Venus will be a part of the Solar, Saturn, and Neptune in Pisces. As a result of Venus governs magnificence, artwork, tradition curation, love, relationships, and pleasure — and since Pisces is the signal of its exaltation — all issues it represents are supposed to be in superior prominence now. Venus in Pisces indicators a time when love flows on faucet. This might sound like an extremely insensitive prediction to present to a world that’s ravaged by battle, famine, genocide, and violence, however I additionally hope that it might probably carry our spirits and direct our consideration to the sweetness amid the bitter. Venus in Pisces heralds a time when the need of magnificence, love, and connection — and the therapeutic energy of artwork — reign supreme.

It jogs my memory of a quote from Toni Morrison that I’ve seen posted quite a few instances since October seventh: “That is exactly the time when artists go to work. There isn’t a time for despair, no place for self-pity, no want for silence, no room for concern. We converse, we write, we do language. That’s how civilizations heal.” Born whereas the Moon was in Pisces, Morrison by no means lacked understanding of the ache inflicted by the violent and unjust methods we reside inside, however she additionally didn’t turn out to be transfixed or immobilized by the devastation of it. She was all the time, due to this fact, in a position to be of service to what can treatment it.

Though this signal can render us weak, Pisces’ energy is its relentless kindness, adaptability, and creativity. Very similar to a wave repeatedly crashing on the shore, there’s a distinctive form of fortitude to this signal that ultimately wears down no matter hard-heartedness it comes throughout. My hope is that this week’s astrology indicators a time when a bit of this world’s calcified cruelty is worn down (whereas we maintain ourselves intact), that we come to know the efficiency of our personal sensitivity, and that we work with this second to sacrifice the idea that violence might ever result in something however extra of the identical. Could we provide up no matter trinkets, trick mirrors, and illusions this world presents us for our complicity — and in change, could we amplify each act of goodwill, each vote for solidarity, and each transfer towards a extra caring and simply world.

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