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All the pieces about Planets in Vedic Astrology – Astrology Articles

All the pieces about Planets in Vedic Astrology – Astrology Articles


Planets in Vedic Astrology

All occasions in an individual’s life are regarded as regulated by the planets in Vedic Astrology. These celestial objects affect everybody’s character and future. The situation of the planets on the time of our delivery determines our traits and attributes. It’s obligatory to grasp the planets in Vedic astrology to be able to higher perceive ourselves and our future.
Vedic astrology views the photo voltaic system from a geocentric perspective, with the earth because the centre of all exercise. All different planets, in addition to the solar and moon, orbit the earth, having an affect on life on the planet. In contrast to trendy astronomy, which considers the solar to be a star and the moon to be the one pure satellite tv for pc of the earth, Vedic astrology considers the solar and moon to be planets with important affect on our lives.
To provide astrological forecasts, Vedic astrology takes under consideration seven planets (Graha) and two shadow planets (Chhaya Graha). These are the 9 planets, or Nava Graha, for ease of reference. Solar, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are the seven planets, with Rahu and Ketu as the 2 shadow planets. Rahu and Ketu are also referred to as the north and south poles of the moon. The top and tail of the Demon are thought-about to be these. The planets go via the 12 rasis (homes) of the horoscope at various speeds. When a planet enters a home, it begins to affect the home and the attributes linked with it in quite a lot of methods, in addition to the interactions between planets.

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In Vedic astrology, the varied planets have quite a lot of properties and penalties. Some planets, often called benefic planets, at all times have a useful affect on the home they facet. Guru or Jupiter (Fortuna main) and Shukra or Venus are two benign planets (Fortuna minor). Different planets are malefic, bringing with them tragedy and poor luck. Underneath their affect, an individual could have roadblocks, monetary troubles, and well being issues. Shani or Saturn (unlucky main) and Mangal or Mars are two malefic planets in Vedic astrology (unlucky minor). Different planets have diversified results in numerous properties and with different planets, and their impacts usually are not outlined in watertight compartments. The Solar, also referred to as Surya, is one among these planets.
Planets are additionally grouped as being planets of the day just like the Solar, Jupiter, and Saturn, in addition to planets of the night time just like the Moon, Mars, and Venus. Mercury is a peculiar planet that may be a planet of each the day in addition to the night time. A planet can be thought to be a male or a feminine in Vedic astrology. The planets like Solar, Jupiter, and Mars are male planets, whereas Moon and Venus are feminine planets. Mercury once more has the attributes of the male and the feminine planets.


In astrology, the solar guidelines the person’s self, ego, character, and spirit. It is called the King of the Planets, and it represents our fathers, in addition to every other determine of authority in our lives, equivalent to our bosses at work and authorities officers. The fifth home and the Singh Rashi or Leo are dominated by the Solar. It spends 30 days in every rashi and completes the cycle of 12 rashis in a 12 months.
Individuals in positions of authority are stated to have a powerful Solar as a result of the solar is the ruler’s consultant. It bestows attributes of management equivalent to energy, braveness, and willpower. Additionally it is alleged to make an individual inventive and provides them the power to overcome obstacles.


In astrology, the moon guidelines the acutely aware and pondering thoughts. It’s regarded as answerable for an individual’s feelings and sentiments. The Moon is also referred to as the Queen of the Planets, and on Earth, it represents our mom and every other nurturing feminine determine. Moon is exalted in Taurus and dominates the 4th home of astrology, in addition to the signal of Most cancers, or the Kark Rashi. The Moon spends a little bit greater than 2 days in every of the 12 homes and takes 27 nights to finish a full cycle of the 12 rashis.
The 27 nights correspond to the 27 constellations, which signify Moon’s 27 spouses, every of whom spends one night time in her palace. It gained energy with Lord Shiva’s blessings.
The moon’s nature is kapha, which regulates all issues watery. It’s alleged to have affect over the mind, in addition to magnificence and pleasures in a single’s life. The Moon is pleasant to the Solar and Mercury, however to not Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn.


Mercury is the planet of schooling, information, logic, and calculation in Vedic astrology. Mercury-ruled individuals make excellent mathematicians and astrologers. Mercury is the inheritor—the prince among the many planets—and it represents our siblings on Earth. Mercury is believed to transit one residence each month or so. Mercury guidelines Gemini and Virgo and is exalted in Virgo, making it the one planet exalted in its personal signal.
Mercury is the significator of speech and communicative potential and can be thought to be the messenger of God. It’s symbolic additionally of devotion, particularly the worship of Vishnu.
Mercury possesses Rajsik Guna and belongs to the Vaishya varna. Its color is inexperienced, and it represents one Ritu, or two-month season. It’s beneficial to the Solar and Venus, however to not the Moon. In terms of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, Mercury is impartial.


In astrology, Venus is the princess of the planets and has female attributes. It additionally influences love, ardour, marriage, and the pleasures of life. It additionally represents fertility and Venus is auspicious for one’s love life. Venus is the ruler of Taurus- Vrishabh Rashi, in addition to Libra- Tula Rashi. It’s exalted in Pisces.
Among the many 5 components, Venus represents water. It denotes the presence of a girl in a person’s life and is often related to Maha Laxmi, Lord Vishnu’s spouse. A great Venus additionally displays an inventive and musically expert disposition.
Venus is pleasant with Mercury and Saturn, however not with the Solar, Moon, or Mars, and is impartial with Jupiter.


Mars is the commander in astrology, because it represents violence. Aggression, quick pondering, heroism, energy, and braveness are all attributes linked with it. The Mesha Rashi, or Aries, and the Vrishchik Rashi, or Scorpio, are each dominated by Mars.
Mars has tamsik guna and belongs to the Kshatriya varna. It has a powerful masculine vibe and is stuffed with power. It’s a very energetic and swift and infrequently picks up fights simply. Individuals with a powerful Mars are sometimes fickle-minded and really prepared to react to any circumstance, notably after they really feel threatened.
Mars is amicable to the Solar, Moon, and Jupiter, however antagonistic to Mercury. Mars is impartial with Venus and Saturn.

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Jupiter is thought to be a very powerful minister, the King’s minister, in keeping with astrology. Mythology signifies that Brishaspati is the Dev Guru, or the Guru of Devas. The indicators of Pisces (Meen Rashi) and Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) are dominated by Jupiter. Within the signal of Most cancers, it’s exalted.

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Jupiter is called Fortuna main, and is consequently the planet of fine fortune. It’s thought-about to be a benign and benefic planet. Jupiter’s affect might help an individual overcome quite a lot of issues. It’s thought-about to bestow super wealth and luck on an individual, and if this planet is in an unfavourable place within the delivery chart, one could also be bereft of prosperity and luck. Jupiter represents the determine of the instructor, mentor, or information in a single’s life because the Dev Guru. Jupiter also can signify the husband within the lifetime of a girl.

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Jupiter is the planet that governs information and studying, and can be a supply of happiness. Jupiter is the planet that guidelines information and studying and makes one sensible. Jupiter has a cordial relationship with the Solar, Moon, and Mars, however a impartial relationship with Saturn. Jupiter has enmity with Venus and Mercury, although they don’t seem to be enemies with Jupiter.


Capricorn (Makar Rashi) and Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) are dominated by Saturn. In Libra, it’s elevated. Saturn is taken into account to carry challenges and obstacles to any activity, and people with an troubled Saturn discover it extraordinarily troublesome to attain success in any pursuit. Legend has it that Saturn acquired a boon from Goddess Parvati, in keeping with which no main or important job might be accomplished with out Saturn’s want.
Saturn is a slow-moving planet that’s thought to indicate an individual’s persistence. Saturn is the planet of illness, illness, and adversity. Obstruction, disappointment, and even loss of life are all features of Saturn’s affect. Underneath troublesome circumstances, if an individual bears the facet of Saturn then, it might result in an early loss of life of the individual. Saturn can be thought-about to impart outcomes primarily based on an individual’s karma, or deeds, on account of his actions. Regardless of its many unfavorable associations, Saturn performs an vital function in religious upliftment, and lots of saints have a beneficial Saturn signal.
Saturn has a beneficial relationship with Mercury and Venus, however has a hostile relationship with the Solar, Moon, and Mars. With Jupiter, Saturn has a impartial place.

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In contrast to the opposite planets in astrology which can be ‘Grahaas’, Rahu is a ‘chhaya Grahaa’ or shadow planet. Rahu and Ketu are mathematical factors accountable for photo voltaic and lunar eclipses. In Taurus/Gemini, Rahu is exalted. Rahu resembles Saturn in look and is believed to be diabolical as a result of it’s the Demon’s head. Rahu has no distinguishing traits and absorbs the traits of the planets and homes with which it’s related or positioned in. Because of this, Rahu’s affect can fluctuate drastically relying on different components.
In people, Rahu represents irrationality, deception, poor logic, and different undesirable qualities. Rahu is the astrological planet that seeks out wealth and materials consolation and is extraordinarily grasping. Nevertheless, an individual’s life could also be marked by a substantial amount of riches and monetary prosperity on account of Rahu’s affect. Because of this, Rahu represents materials and worldly comforts.
Rahu shares a beneficial relationship with Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus, however are enemies with the Solar and Moon. Mercury has a impartial relationship with Rahu.

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Ketu, like Rahu, is a mathematical level (a node) that causes photo voltaic and lunar eclipses. It’s the demon’s physique or tail. Ketu, not like Rahu, will not be thought-about as a diabolical planet, however slightly it’s thought to be the ‘moksha karaka,’ or the liberating energy or power. It induces a profound religious impact and might help an individual transcend the cycle of life and loss of life.
Scriptures depict that Ketu attained huge information and is thus the image of profound penance and information, and signifies the ultimate moksha. It seeks enlightenment and liberation from earthly pursuits and pleasures. As a result of it’s a chhaya Grahaa, the planets in every home have a major affect on its affect.
Ketu is exalted in Scorpio and Sagittarius. It shares pleasant relations with Mars, Venus, and Saturn, however is hostile with the Solar and Moon. With Mercury and Jupiter, it’s impartial.

Female and male planets in astrology

In Vedic astrology, the classification of planets extends past a easy binary of female and male energies. Every planet carries distinct traits, some embodying purely masculine or female attributes, whereas others exhibit a duality of gender. Understanding these gender attributions provides depth to astrological interpretations, providing insights into how planetary energies affect varied features of life.

Masculine Planets:

Solar (Surya):

On the helm of masculine power, the Solar symbolizes the self, vitality, authority, and management. Its radiance displays assertiveness, braveness, and ambition, driving people in the direction of objectives with unwavering willpower.

Jupiter (Guru/Brihaspati):

Referred to as the planet of knowledge and growth, Jupiter governs information, progress, and religious enlightenment. Its masculine power channels steerage, optimism, and philosophical pursuits, inspiring people to hunt greater understanding and broader horizons.

Mars (Mangala):

Because the planet of motion and drive, Mars instills power, ardour, and willpower. Its masculine attributes embody aggression, braveness, and assertive power, empowering people to beat obstacles and pursue their needs with vigor.

Female Planets:

Moon (Chandra):

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The Moon embodies the essence of femininity, reflecting feelings, instinct, and nurturing instincts. Its mild power fosters sensitivity, receptivity, and emotional intelligence, guiding people via the ebb and circulate of life’s experiences.

Venus (Shukra):

Revered for its affiliation with love, magnificence, and concord, Venus emanates female attract and creativity. Its grace and appeal encourage appreciation for aesthetics, fostering concord in relationships and creative endeavors.

Twin Gender Planets:

Mercury (Budha):

Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, displays a duality of gender attributes. Its versatile power encompasses each masculine and female qualities, facilitating adaptability, studying, and efficient expression in various conditions.

Saturn (Shani):

Governing self-discipline, accountability, and karmic classes, Saturn transcends conventional gender roles. Its impartial power embodies persistence, perseverance, and the enduring qualities obligatory for progress and maturity, guiding people in the direction of self-mastery and religious evolution.
In astrology, the interaction of masculine, female, and impartial energies from completely different planets influences varied sides of life, together with relationships, profession, and private progress. By understanding the nuanced qualities of every planet’s gender attribution, astrologers present useful insights to navigate life’s journey with higher consciousness and alignment with cosmic energies.

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