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Analyzing Relationships: Synastry, The First Step

planet postcard“Know thyself.”
–Historic Greek Maxim

Synastry is the title given to the strategy of chart comparability. You set one chart alongside one other and evaluate how the charts work together, what interaspects the planets and angles make to one another and the way they fall into one another’s home system. Analyzing the that means behind every particular person relationship of chart parts and their blended meanings offers the idea for understanding how these two people will work together and their impression on one another. However this isn’t step one in synastry.

Step one is in analyzing every particular person chart as a stand-alone complete. You need to assess every particular person’s capability for relationship. Every individual has strengths and challenges in regard to particular person functioning. Every has a definite persona with distinct wants, tastes and objectives. You will need to really get a deal with on what these wants and challenges are earlier than you progress on to evaluating how they relate to this particular different. You need to comprehend how they relate to themselves, the world and the opposite normally.

The Solar reveals your important life power. Emotional wants are proven by the Moon. Venus holds the important thing to the private aesthetic. Mercury is consultant of how one communicates. Mars expresses in the way in which an individual acts. The situation of those planets and the way they work together with different chart parts tells of someone’s capability for relationship.

Placements within the seventh home are notably key for they relay the methods during which one is other-oriented. The ruler of the seventh home and its placement can be telling. It’s useful to notice every individual’s areas of ease as that is usually the place they’ve a wealth to share. The difficulties within the chart also needs to be taken into consideration as these are sometimes exacerbated by contact with the opposite’s chart, for good (progress) or ailing (stagnation or backsliding).

Total tendencies in a chart have an effect on the overall nature of the individual and that can have an effect on how they’re in relationships normally, their capability for relationship, not simply in regard to at least one explicit individual. This primary step is essential earlier than you even convey one other into the equation. It’s like figuring out the way to multiply earlier than you be taught to divide.

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How nicely have you learnt your individual chart? What’s your individual judgement in your capability for relationship normally?



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