Home Horoscopes Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 – Auspicious Time for Feeding Rice

Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 – Auspicious Time for Feeding Rice

Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 – Auspicious Time for Feeding Rice


Celebrating a Child’s First Stable Meals: Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 and Traditions

Mother and father world wide rejoice many first-time milestones with their infants, and certainly one of them is the Annaprashan ceremony. Annaprashan or annaprasana, a Sanskrit phrase for “meals consuming” or “meals feeding,” marks the infant’s first strong meals. On this ceremony, the infant is fed its first morsel of strong meals, which is a ritual that prepares the infant for sustenance and a profitable life on Earth. This custom is well known within the Hindu lifestyle, and your complete household and all elders come collectively to witness and bless the infant for its future life.

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When is Annaprashan carried out?

Annaprashan is carried out anytime between six months to at least one yr of the infant’s start. It’s often accomplished throughout the even months (the sixth or eighth month) for boys and throughout the odd months (the fifth or seventh month) for women. This timeframe is chosen as a result of the infant positive aspects the energy to digest the cereals and rice. If the infant is discovered to be of weak disposition, the time might be postponed additional.

The place can Annaprashan be carried out?

Annaprashan might be accomplished at dwelling or in a temple. Most individuals choose to carry out the ceremony at dwelling. These days, attributable to area constraints, a banquet corridor or a group middle is often booked for the perform. In Kerala, most individuals choose to carry out the ceremony at Guruvayoor, a Hindu temple.

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Annaprashan Muhurat 2023

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Performing an auspicious activity like Annaprashan requires calculating an auspicious time, often known as “muhurat,” which is vital to own optimum data of time, date, planetary place, and nakshatras. The calculation of the muhurat might be carried out utilizing an Annaprasanam date calculator or by reaching out to Vedic astrologers who’re good at studying the Vedic Panchang. Most individuals determine the time to carry out the ceremony based mostly on the traditions of their clan.

How is Annaprashan carried out?

When performing Annaprashan consistent with Vedic Astrology practices, a selected day and time are chosen by consulting a priest for performing the Annaprashan ceremony. Household, pals, and family members are invited for the massive day. The dimensions of the ceremony differs from one household to a different. Some choose to have an intimate gathering, whereas others could have it at a temple. The infant is bathed and clothed in new conventional garments reminiscent of dhoti, dhoti kurta, or lehenga choli. The infant is then seated on an elder’s lap, like the daddy, paternal grandfather, maternal uncle, or maternal grandfather (differs from place to put). The ceremony begins with a puja. Oil lamps and incense sticks are lit to purify the ambiance. Prayers are provided to numerous deities to make sure the kid grows into a powerful and well-spoken particular person, thus ensuring that the infant is primed for achievement.

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The infant’s family members additionally pray for its fame, broad imaginative and prescient, and lengthy and joyful life. The ceremony’s objective is to wish to the gods to bless the kid with good ideas, promising skills, and good digestive powers. The primary providing is made to the gods and goddesses. That is adopted by the symbolic feeding of the prasad or the primary chew of strong meals by the elder on whose lap the infant is seated. The opposite elders observe go well with by blessing and providing a style of the meals to the infant. After the ceremony, the individuals gathered to affix in for some enjoyable and video games, following which they deal with themselves to a big feast. A enjoyable recreation often follows the spiritual ceremony, the place a number of symbolic objects are positioned on a banana leaf or silver tray. The infant is then let unfastened to choose. The merchandise that the kid first touches or picks signifies his prospects, that are as underneath –

  • books – studying
  • jewels – wealth
  • pen – knowledge
  • clay – property
  • meals – love for meals and feeding individuals

Household and pals have a wonderful time cheering the baby on as he/she makes a selection.

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What’s served throughout the Annaprashan ceremony?

Whereas the foremost merchandise served throughout the ceremony is kheer, fried greens, dals, curries, and flavoured rice are additionally served. In Kerala, rice, curd, salt, jaggery, banana, and payasam are served to the infant on a banana leaf. Although this ceremony has been practiced since historic instances, sure precautions should be taken whereas conducting this ceremony. Listed here are some concepts to assist make this ceremony a particular time that can also be simple on the nerves.

  • Ensure that your child is well-rested earlier than the ceremony
  • Restrict the gathering to a couple shut relations and pals
  • Select snug clothes in your child, ideally from pure materials
  • Wash your palms totally earlier than feeding
  • Guarantee that the infant’s meals is ready recent and hygienically
  • Stick to a couple important gadgets for the menu
  • Rice is a secure first meals. If kheer is a miss, maintain boiled rice or rice with dal as an providing
  • Ensure that your child doesn’t eat greater than two spoons of the providing to keep away from an upset abdomen
  • A field of sweets or dried fruits make nice “thanks” presents
  • Don’t forget to document the event. Reminiscences matter

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Significance of Annaprashan

In each stage of life, meals is taken into account the essence. Irrespective of who we’re or what we’re, we’re nothing with out meals. We’d like meals to develop bodily and mentally. Our scriptures point out that purification of the physique and the internal thoughts takes place via a pure food plan. By the ceremony of Annaprashan, the Goddess of meals, Annapoorna is worshipped, and the dad and mom pray for the kid’s good well being and prosperity. The kid turns into sturdy and highly effective. It’s believed {that a} child’s tooth begin popping out from the sixth or seventh month, which signifies that the digestive course of is robust. After this, if the kid is fed solids together with milk, each the physique and thoughts will develop optimally, thus making certain a wholesome little one.

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Listing of Annaprashan Muhurat 2023/Feeding rice timings 2023

Annaprashan Muhurat January 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
4-Jan-23  Wednesday 08.00 -10:00, 12.00 – 16:00
12-Jan-23  Thursday 16:15-18:00
23-Jan-23  Monday 08.00 -08:40, 10.30 -17:00
26-Jan-23  Thursday 08.00-11:30
27-Jan-23  Friday 10:20-11:30, 13:30-21:50

Annaprashan Muhurat February 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
3-Feb-23  Friday 07:50-09:40, 11:30-16:30
10-Feb-23  Friday 09:30-14:00, 17.00 -23:00
22-Feb-23  Wednesday 07:30-09:40, 11:30-17:30
24-Feb-23  Friday 07:30-11:00, 13:30-20:00

Annaprashan Muhurat March 2023

9-Mar-23  Thursday 07:30-12:20, 15.10 -21:00
10-Mar-23  Friday 07:35-10:15
23-Mar-23  Thursday 7.00 -07:40, 09:50 -17.50
24-Mar-23  Friday 07.00 -09:15, 12.00 -15.00
27-Mar-23  Monday 18:25-20:10
31-Mar-23  Friday 09:15-15:20, 18.00 -22:00

Annaprashan Muhurat April 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
6-Apr-23 Thursday 07:15-10:30
7-Apr-23 Friday 15:15-21:40
10-Apr-23 Monday 10:25-14:40
24-Apr-23 Monday 11:50-20:40
26-Apr-23 Wednesday 13:50-20:43
27-Apr-23 Thursday 07:45-13:40

Annaprashan Muhurat Might 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
3-Might-23 Wednesday 07.00 -08:40, 11:15 -17:50
12-Might-23 Friday 06:25-08:10
17-Might-23 Wednesday 06:15-14:30, 17:10-22:50
22-Might-23 Monday 07:45-09:25
24-Might-23 Wednesday 07:30-11.40, 14:30-21:00
29-Might-23 Monday 14.00 -16:10, 18:50-22:40

Annaprashan Muhurat June 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
1-Jun-23 Thursday 16:15-18:20, 21.00 -22:30
8-Jun-23 Thursday 08:50-15:30, 8.00-20:00
19-Jun-23 Monday 21:40-23:10
21-Jun-23 Wednesday 06.00 -10:00, 12:30-17:00
28-Jun-23 Wednesday 09:50-16:30, 9.00 -22:30

Annaprashan Muhurat July 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
5-Jul-23 Wednesday 07.00 -13:40, 16:15-22:00
7-Jul-23 Friday 09:15-15.40, 18:30-22:00
14-Jul-23 Friday 20.00 -21:30

Annaprashan Muhurat August 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
21-Aug-23 Monday 06:30-10:40, 13:15-20:15
23-Aug-23 Wednesday 06:30-10:30
28-Aug-23 Monday 20:15-23:00

Annaprashan Muhurat September 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
1-Sep-23 Friday 16:50-21:00
4-Sep-23 Monday 09:55-12:00
6-Sep-23 Wednesday 12:25-16:00
18-Sep-23 Monday 06:45-11:00
21-Sep-23 Thursday 15:30-17:00
25-Sep-23 Monday 07.00-08:00
27-Sep-23 Wednesday 08.00 -10:00, 13.00 -18:00

Annaprashan Muhurat October 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
16-Oct-23 Monday 07:15-09:00, 12.00 -16:30
23-Oct-23 Monday 19:40-21:10
26-Oct-23 Thursday 13:25-17:00, 19:30-23:10

Annaprashan Muhurat November 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
10-Nov-23 Friday 15:30-20:00
22-Nov-23 Wednesday 19:30-23:20
24-Nov-23 Friday 21:45-23:30
27-Nov-23 Monday 14:25-15:25
29-Nov-23 Wednesday 09.00-14:00

Annaprashan Muhurat December 2023

Date Day Length of the Muhurat
1-Dec-23 Friday 17.00 -23:00
7-Dec-23 Thursday 08.00 -12:00, 14.00 -18:00
15-Dec-23 Friday 11:55-17:40, 20:30-22:20
18-Dec-23 Monday 15:55-19:50
21-Dec-23 Thursday 11:15-14:00, 15:50-22:00
22-Dec-23 Friday 08.00 -09:15
28-Dec-23 Thursday 08.00 -12:00, 13:45-21:35
29-Dec-23 Friday 09.00 -13:20, 15:15-21:20

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In at the moment’s fast-paced world, the place conventional customs and practices are progressively disappearing, celebrating age-old ceremonies can play a major position in reviving our cultural heritage. Such celebrations deliver family members collectively, creating cherished reminiscences that final a lifetime. It’s essential to protect our traditions and preserve our roots, and performing ceremonies reminiscent of Annaprashan can assist us obtain this objective. By holding these rituals alive, we are able to guarantee a agency basis for our infants’ future whereas staying related to our cultural legacy.

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