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Aphrodite Asteroid That means In Astrology

Aphrodite Asteroid That means In Astrology


Aphrodite is an asteroid, #1388 in astrology. In mythology, Aphrodite was the Goddess of magnificence, fertility, sexuality, magnificence, ardour, pleasure, and procreation. She is all about bodily attraction and sweetness, so naturally, her planetary ruler is Venus.

Aphrodite asteroid that means in astrology

Each planet and asteroid in astrology has its positives and negatives. At Aphrodite’s finest, she may be sturdy, attractive, impartial and capable of see magnificence in all individuals and issues. She has a wholesome perspective of intercourse, sexuality, and sexual empowerment. On the darker, or shadow, facet, she will be able to use bodily intimacy to control and may be insensitive regarding issues of affection and the guts. She may be useless, immodest and fickle, or in a wedding with out love, ardour or devotion.

Affect and that means of Aphrodite within the indicators

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Aphrodite in Aries

Similar to the signal of Aries, Aphrodite on this hearth signal burns scorching after which dies out. Aries Aphrodite is related to promiscuity, independence and freedom, and is interested in others who assume similar to her. Don’t anticipate her to remain as a result of there’s a good probability as soon as she is bored she is gone, leaving a path of damaged hearts behind.

Aphrodite in Taurus

This particular person is often fairly enticing and into the fabric world. The extra glamorous and enticing they discover others, the extra they’re drawn to them, particularly if presents are bestowed regularly. Clothes and aesthetics are most essential.



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