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Aries vs Libra: Combating Successfully

Aries vs Libra: Combating Successfully


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Libra has rather a lot to study from Aries. My husband is a retired Inexperienced Beret so he positively is aware of about preventing. His Aries opposes my Libra. He’s instructed me through the years. It’s been a giant assist.

Starcrest writes on Mars & Self Censoring:

“…I had a dialog with a psychologist/therapist good friend the opposite day. We have been speaking about friendship dynamics. I discussed that having 2 canines taught me about pack chief/alpha/beta hierarchy. I’ve discovered that that is true of human relationships as nicely.

I compromise and harmonize way more than I wish to. In different phrases, I’m means too beta for my style however with all of the Libra I normally can’t carry myself to be confrontational – whether or not negatively or positively.”

This was attention-grabbing and well timed contemplating my husband was speaking about survival final night time… and about how our (4) canines behave in a pack. Combating for his or her place and such.

My husband will at all times combat for his life. I do know this, however he talked about it.

“Why is that?” I requested, when my curiosity kicked in.

“As a result of I’m a canine,” he stated. “Everyone will combat for his or her life, they simply don’t understand it,” he added.

It reminded of a dialog we had years in the past. I wrote about it on the time as a result of it was essential info. He defined that folks will at all times combat for his or her life – at all times. The issue is, most of them will wait till it’s too late.

It’s too late, when your attacker is on prime you, has you restrained and is actively choking you. It’s too late, when the bag has been put over your head… you see he’s proper.  Now, you kick however what good does it do you?

Understanding you’re going to combat, finally, you see it is smart to combat once you nonetheless have an opportunity of prevailing.

I’ve stated, my Mars is damaged in Libra, however when he defined this to me; I may see the apparent fact of it. It modified my life.

He bought me to consider this, earlier than I discovered myself in a state of affairs. I do know what I’m going to do; I’ve run it over in my thoughts so I can execute my plan with one thing akin to a muscle reminiscence.  Since working this out, I’ve felt no worry in my residence. I’m assured if threatened, I’ll act shortly, catch the individual(s) off guard and have an excellent probability of survival.

Would you be capable of defend your self towards an assault? The place’s your Mars?



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