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Hygieia is the Greek Goddess of well being. She offers her title to the idea of hygiene and cleanliness, which is, after all, subsequent to godliness! Her father was the well-known healer Asclepius, the god of medication. Worship of Hygieia was in tandem together with her father till after the Delphic oracle recognised her. She gained recognition after the Plague of Athens in 430-427 BC and once more in Rome after the plague in 293 BC.

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Depictions of Hygieia often present her as a younger girl feeding an enormous snake that’s coiled round her physique or consuming from a jar. There are few written accounts of Hygieia’s life, however she is a major goddess when illness prevails. Who doesn’t know somebody who suffers from illnesses and would require her grace?

Hygieia In Greek Fable

One story within the fantasy about her comes down from Plutarch, which is that of Hygieia working with Pallas Athena. The 2 goddesses oversaw the constructing of the Parthenon, the well-known temple in Athens devoted to Athena. Hygieia’s job was to are inclined to the handbook employee’s well being as they carried out this demanding job. Athena was there to maintain the peace. So, Hygieia is a superb goddess to name upon when doing bodily demanding or worrying duties. She works nicely with different extra administrative or strategic goddesses. Hygieia has a extra empathic lunar power.

Hygieia didn’t have any kids, nor did she have a consort both. All her kin are healers. Hygieia’s mom is Epione, which suggests “soothing”. Her sisters are Iaso, the Goddess of recuperation; Panacea, the Goddess of common treatment; Aceso, the Goddess of well-being and the therapeutic course of; and Aegie, the Goddess of brightness. Hygieia is a virgin goddess, which suggests her sufferers will turn into her kids. She is 100% dedicated to serving to and therapeutic others.

Hygieia grew up in a household of healers and docs, so drugs is actually in her blood. If her fantasy speaks to you, you want therapeutic or are a natural-born healer who should rise to the decision to serve others. It will probably even be each the place you must study to heal your self and, in doing so, can heal others. All modalities of therapeutic are potential. It may be typical or various, so long as you’re serving to others. You may additionally be much less of a hands-on healer or extra about making natural treatments. One other risk with Hygieia is her hygiene trait, which suggests you might have a profession in toiletries, cleaning soap or cleaning merchandise.

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Hygieia Detrimental traits *

All Goddesses have the potential to have a destructive aspect, and wholesome Hygieia is not any totally different. The tendency to over-sanitise could be a downside! The aspect of the Virgo archetype that could be a perfectionist is intense with Hygieia. Should you resonate with this Goddess, there’s a tendency to disinfect each germ to oblivion. The identical goes on your behaviour, the place you edit all the pieces you say or do. Keep in mind that stability is required, and accepting the darkish and lightweight in others is essential. People are a part of an ecosystem the place micro organism have an important perform. In nature, issues need to get smelly and decay earlier than they die, however life begins anew as soon as the garbage is collected.

After the Roman conquest of Greece, Hygieia turned Salus, which interprets to ‘Welfare’ in Latin. So, one other trait we are able to see on this Goddess is the theme of taking in waifs and strays. One should guard in opposition to taking up extra therapeutic work and duties than one can’t deal with. In any other case, your well being can undergo, and you may be of no use to others in any respect. One other risk is attracting companions who at all times want taking care of; for instance, they’ve a drug dependancy that harms their well being. There’s a hazard of turning into a lifelong nurse to others. The Hygieia archetype offers to charity and feels drawn to work with society’s deprived and most susceptible folks.

Hygieia As Spirit Information

10 Eventualities the place you may search the steerage and therapeutic of Hygieia are when:

  1. You or your family members have an sickness
  2. For assist discovering pure treatments to heal your self and others
  3. You might be obsessing over the tiny particulars of a undertaking an excessive amount of
  4. You want motivation to scrub the home!
  5. Your accomplice treats you want a nurse
  6. You wish to cleanse your house from destructive power
  7. For any hands-on therapeutic like therapeutic massage, reiki, acupuncture, physiotherapy and so forth.
  8. While you get all ‘OCD’ in regards to the mess in different folks’s homes.
  9. You’re feeling overwhelmed by everybody else issues.
  10. You’ve gotten a parasite an infection, candida or worms!

Hygieia Correspondences

Omens that present Hygieia is reaching out to you:

You’ve gotten began planting an herb backyard
When the Moon is in Virgo, you wish to make detailed craft objects
You might be drawn to antiseptic and antimicrobial herbs and oils like Tea-tree, Eucalyptus oregano and mint.
You go on a bumper, spring-cleaning mission, sanitising your abode from high to backside.
You like the odor of disinfectant.
Recent whites, pale sage and hospital inexperienced, entice you
White snakeskin is interesting
You purchased a pestle and mortar and don’t know why
Moss agate, clear quartz, inexperienced aventurine and selenite leap out at you in crystal outlets.

Different associations with Hygieia which will name out to you’re: White feathers, books about herbs, herb gardens, the rod of Asclepius, the hermit card tarot card, white cats, little birds, rosemary and lavender, daisy patterns, cypress bushes, white lilies and lily of the valley.

Hygieia in your horoscope

You’ve gotten a robust Hygieia signature when you’ve got two or extra of the next:

Your Moon is conjunct with Mercury or Ceres.
Asteroid Hygieia is conjunct along with your Ascendant, Midheaven, Solar or Moon. *
You’ve gotten many private planets within the sixth home.
Fastened star Ras Alhague is conjunct along with your Ascendant, Midheaven, Solar or Moon. *
Asteroid Pallas Athena is trine or sextile to your Ascendant, Midheaven, Solar, Moon or Venus. *
You’ve gotten many private planets within the signal of Virgo.

To search out Hygieia in your chart: Go to Astrodienst to attract up a free birthchart. Click on ‘Extra objects’ and add within the quantity 10 adopted by a comma within the handbook entry field.



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