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Hopefully the eclipse was a non-event for you. As we famous, the set off of planets transiting the Eclipse level is most vital and Mercury goes over the EP on April 16th and Venus goes over the Eclipse level on April 20th so there are potential surprises for communications and relationship and for these dominated by Mercury and Venus.  We all the time just like the Solar in Aries, nonetheless which we wrote about and occurs beginning April 13th.

Key dates for our disaster facilities in Russia/Ukraine middle across the April 20th Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and for the Center East into Might 3-4th.

Jupiter goes into Krittika nakshatra (Aries 26.40-Taurus 10) on April 17th. Krittika is dominated by the Solar and is related to the god Agni and Pada 1 is especially potent for creativity and management as it’s Sagittarius Navamsha and is Pushkara.  Individuals born with Jupiter in Krittika are susceptible to be philanthropic however could also be smug.  I like this transit because it ought to help good management within the coming weeks which is badly wanted to get by all of the world crises organising.  Sadly poor judgment arrives with Jupiter in Taurus on Might 1st after which Jupiter is  combust for a month and debilitated within the navamsha in Pada 2, Might 1-May15th which ends up in poor judgment.  Wanting forward I hope we shouldn’t have to mourn Jupiter leaving Aries and going into Taurus on Might 1. In Aries, it has been aspecting Sagittarius and not less than holding up the illusion of regulation and order and supporting the US which is Sagittarius rising.   

Saturn went into Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20) on April seventh.  This nakshatra is related to deep austerity and penance and Saturn will help happening meditation retreats and deep religious diving.  This nakshatra has a really darkish facet related to the Deep State and secret societies and one would hope that Saturn spending 12 months right here till April 25, 2025 may get to work on restoring reality to authorities and rooting out corruption and the transfer towards Marxism  and subverting the structure that has overtaken our authorities.

We nonetheless have Mercury retrograde in Pisces till April 25th and whereas Venus is cancelling the debilitation, I feel it’s too problematic and there may be  no reprieve till far too lengthy till after Might 10 then Mercury goes again into Aries. Fortunately it’s in it’s personal nakshatra and is way stronger in Revati (Pisces 16.40-29.59) than in Saturn’s nakshatra.

Venus stays in Pisces till April 24th and retains the world afloat with hopes for peace and even the Venus/Rahu conjunct peaking into April 18th within the true node system can improve creativity and can be a plus.

Jupiter is conjunct Uranus at Aries 27 levels on April 20th.  Jupiter is related to banking and finance and questioning if this conjunction would spur one other financial or banking disaster?  For individuals, this could create sudden spurts of luck and luck  however it could convey up restlessness, impulsive energies and push you to maneuver towards extra freedom.  This may affect Sagittarius and Aries and Pisces most or when you have key planets at Aries 27.   Chances are you’ll be susceptible to different’s opinions an excessive amount of so just be sure you depend on your highest instinct.  There could also be quite a lot of change hitting your life.  Be affected person.  The affect of this transit will go till Might 1st when Jupiter goes into Taurus.  The final time we had a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction was Jan. 4, 2011 at Pisces 2 levels so it has a couple of 13 12 months cycle. 

Full moon in Libra is in Swati nakshatra on Tuesday, April 23rd which is supportive for materials enlargement. Moon is full at 7:49 PM EDT. 

Mars strikes into Pisces on April 22nd  till June 1st.  We’ll write extra about this later.  For 8 days there can be a Parivartana Yoga or trade of indicators between Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Pisces and the trade places each planets into their very own indicators. The homes concerned in your chart will show you how to predict what’s going to occur.  Most cancers rising does greatest with an trade of homes between the 9th and 10th for rise in job standing and good luck and luck. It could in fact be depending on the dashas you’re working. Sagittarius additionally does properly with an trade of the 4th and 5th home for luck with property and Pisces additionally does properly with positive factors and household help with an trade of the 1st and a pair ofnd homes.

ABOUT BARRY ROSEN: Barry Rosen has been instructing lessons in Funding Astrology since 1990 and started instructing the opposite facets of Vedic astrology specialised programs on-line in 2017, together with Dashas, Transits, Private Finance, Well being, Longevity, and Demise, Nakshatras, The Religious Dimensions of Vedic Astrology, Secrets and techniques of the Homes, Relationships and plenty of extra. In his consultations, he focuses extra on the emotional and psychological patterns within the chart and their affect on consciousness which may create waves of phantasm blocking you. A great session ought to show you how to witness the play of karma so that you’re not gripped by it; you may transcend it and notice your Divinity, changing into the commander of the planets and never the sufferer. Barry Rosen additionally operates a weblog on Fb below Barry Rosen and Astro-Yoga and his skilled astrological web site is www.appliedvedicastrology.com. He may be reached at help@appliedvedicastrology.com.





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