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Astrology, Horrible Trauma, Psychotherapy & Projection In Actual Life

Astrology, Horrible Trauma, Psychotherapy & Projection In Actual Life



That is classic running a blog and I imply, it dates again to 2001! I’m going to go away it unedited as a result of I like my voice again then. I additionally nonetheless agree with myself!

That is for individuals who have a profoundly screwed up or tough life. It’s one thing I’ve discovered that perhaps you need to use.

About ten years in the past, my sister and I had been in intensive psychotherapy. As people I imply, however on the identical time. The scenario was egregious by anybody requirements and because it turned out, we each spent greater than three years in weekly session.

Now throughout this time folks felt sorry for us. Properly, extra particularly, they felt sorry for my sister. By nature of some phenomenon, I nearly by no means encourage sympathy in folks. This isn’t essential to the story, simply an attention-grabbing bit. My sister, goal of so many individuals’s pity made some astute observations.

“They maintain telling me how sorry they’re for me. They cry for me, and I maintain telling them to really feel sorry for themselves. We’re fortunate that our issues are profound sufficient to pressure us to take care of them. I wouldn’t need their life for shit!”

She felt that the individuals who had been so filled with pity for her had been screwed up themselves. A few of them, pathetically so. They had been residing crippled lives to no matter diploma, however their issues weren’t acute sufficient to pressure artistic motion.

Consequently they had been capable of spend their lives pointing a folks like us as folks having apparent issue, whereas ignoring their very own issues. They checked out us and felt sorry for our plight. The truth that we wanted remedy. We checked out them and felt sorry proper again.

Now what occurs over time, is my sister and I work issues by. We actually puke it up as a result of we simply don’t have a selection. Pluto was in Scorpio. It was time. So we get in there. We get soiled. We get filthy even after which we go on to reside wealthy, enhanced lives.

The individuals who pitied us, projected their issues on to us, did nothing, they usually have seen their lives degrade from the within out. Clearly, that is the type of factor accrues curiosity (or debt) over time.

That is baffling to them as a result of they’re sad, however unable to establish that they’ve an issue. It has at all times been different folks with the issue and my level, as I indicated up entrance, is that typically it’s higher to have an issue, even a BIG STINKIN’ HUGE drawback. If that is you, take coronary heart.

The astrology?

Trines are thought-about straightforward elements. Spots in your life that simply circulation. Folks simply beginning to study astrology are taught that trines are good and squares are dangerous, however as you research extra folks and extra charts, you discover instance after instance of individuals with tough charts who excel, as a result of they should. As a result of there may be an acute spot, or perhaps a majority of a life, that can not be ignored.

Evaluate it to a chart of trines. Some astrologers name them “lazy”. Granted, many of those astrologers might lack trines of their chart they usually might have bias, however don’t miss the purpose.

In case your life seems to work effectively (sufficient) – there are (sufficient) issues that come straightforward to you, then this leaves you the choice to dissociate your self from components of your psyche, components of your character, which can be extra darkish and troublesome.

“I’m okay ———> They want remedy.”

The mom of all of the trines, is the Grand Trine. A Grand Trine is made up of three planets in one of many parts (earth, hearth, air, water) that present straightforward help to one another.  In case you have one in all these in your chart, a novice astrologer might let you know that it essentially the most fascinating configuration you might purchase. Fortunate you! A extra skilled astrologer would let you know that one of the best is probably the more severe, in equal proportion, primarily for the explanations I simply outlined.

Should you take a chart as a complete (and it is best to) then the grand trine within the chart can be like somebody coronary heart and lungs working collectively with out obstacle. Or you might evaluate an individual who’s bodily lovely. This provides that particular person a option to focus there, proper? Bother is, it’s the most cancers within the bowel that kills them.

What bowel?

In case you have main issues, your odds of pulling out are wonderful, so long as you’re keen to drag. What you aren’t going to have the ability to do, is reside a flaccid life. You solely must act, as a result of the vitality is there. It constellates round your, in any other case you wouldn’t have an acute drawback within the first place.

What I imply is your curse is your present in precise proportion. You’ve an abundance of vitality to make use of in anyway you select to, and you’re MORE prone to kick butt than the one who seemingly has it straightforward.

What you aren’t going to have the ability to do is keep away from residing a dynamic life and for that, you may thank your fortunate stars. A number of this has to do with redefining what’s fascinating in life. We expect that we wish a cake stroll by our lives, when in actuality, nothing may very well be extra completely killing than that.


This was written six years late. It hyperlinks to a video the place I speak extra about this phenomenon.

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