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Astrology Of February 2024 – Chiron Conjunct North Node

Astrology Of February 2024 – Chiron Conjunct North Node


February 2024 is marked by a uncommon Chiron-North Node conjunction and a heightened Aquarius vitality. The emphasis on Chiron and Aquarius makes February a really fascinating month.

Aquarius is Prometheus who stole the hearth from the Gods and gave it to humanity. The fireplace is a metaphor for the sunshine of data and consciousness.

The gods determined to punish Prometheus for stealing the fires. Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock the place an eagle slowly ate his liver. Prometheus was immortal, he couldn’t die, so the ordeal would repeat daily, for eternity.

His salvation got here from Chiron. Chiron traded his personal immortality to avoid wasting Prometheus.

What’s fascinating is that Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus (Aquarius). Chiron is the bridge between the 2, serving as a catalyst for freedom and liberation.

The parable is a metaphor for the therapeutic work we have to do to transcend the ache of separation and discover true freedom. Chiron was a half-man, half-horse, which is a metaphor for the twin nature of our existence. We’re 50% matter, 50% spirit.

Once we fail to combine our primal and divine points, we really feel remoted and disconnected. This results in the polarization and judgment of what we understand nearly as good and dangerous.

However once we combine this duality, once we acknowledge that each one these qualities can all be discovered inside ourselves – each optimistic and unfavorable – we discover wholeness, and witness humanity: in ourselves and others.

Chiron is ‘the lacking hyperlink’. For those who’ve been feeling alienated – from your self and from the world at massive – Chiron will reunite you together with your essence and the collective entire.

However how do we discover therapeutic? How can we do the “Chiron” work? Right here is the place the Chiron-North Node conjunction comes into play.

Take note of any insights and downloads that come to you round February nineteenth, when Chiron is strictly conjunct the North Node.

Whereas nothing concrete might occur straight away, the transit will awaken one thing within you, one thing that may change into apparent in March-April, when we have now an Aries stellium (together with an Eclipse conjunct Chiron).

However let’s check out a very powerful transits of the month:

February ninth, 2024 – New Moon In Aquarius

On February ninth, 2024 we have now a New Moon at 20° Aquarius. The New Moon is sq. Uranus, its ruler. There’s a big pull to interrupt free from the previous and reinvent ourselves.

Uranus in Taurus will level to the ‘lacking ingredient’ – what’s stopping us from discovering freedom and embracing change. The New Moon in Aquarius will assist us outline our private concept of freedom vs. what society tells us that freedom is.

February thirteenth, 2024 – Mars Enters Aquarius

On February thirteenth, 2024, Mars enters Aquarius. Mars is our private will, is what we do to affirm ourselves, and get our wants met. Aquarius, alternatively, is the signal of the collective.

The Mars in Aquarius transit will assist us see that we’re all on this collectively. Once we concentrate on our humanity, we robotically make choices that contribute to our best collective good.

February 14th, 2024 – Mars Conjunct Pluto

On February 14th, 2024 we have now a V-day with fireworks. Mars is conjunct Pluto at 0° Aquarius!

Birthdays, anniversaries, or celebrations might be occasions of nice pleasure, or quite the opposite, of nice problem. If our life basically, or extra particularly, what occurs on that special occasion, doesn’t match our superb expectations, we might change into annoyed or dissatisfied.

For those who’re not in a spot the place you wish to be, remind your self that February 14th is simply one other day. It doesn’t outline you, or your life.

Pluto will most actually push Mars’ buttons. Now we have a alternative – we will use this large vitality to gas battle OR to align our actions with our circumstances.

Once we are closed off, we reside in a bubble and are disconnected from actuality. This disconnection is what creates struggling. When as a substitute we’re absolutely conscious of what’s taking place round us, we choose up on refined clues, we align ourselves with the circulation of life and we simply ‘know’ what to do.

February sixteenth, 2024 – Venus Enters Aquarius

On February sixteenth, 2024, Venus enters Aquarius. The planet of affection usually feels unusual within the unconventional signal of Aquarius. However it serves as a reminder that love is about embracing our humanity.

Individuals are unusual – however that’s what makes them distinctive. “Don’t hate what you don’t perceive” – as a substitute, recognize the variety and individuality that every particular person brings to the desk.

February nineteenth, 2024 – North Node Conjunct Chiron

On February nineteenth, 2024 the North Node is conjunct Chiron at 16° Aries.

Chiron is our deepest wound, and likewise the present that emerges when this wound is embraced and alchemised.

North Node is a karmic vitality – however not the kind of “resurfacing of outdated patterns”- that’s the South Node; the North Node is the chance to alter our karma, and rewrite our future.

Our ‘deepest wound’ isn’t one thing we’re conscious of (no less than absolutely). Our deepest wound is refined. We had been born with it. Most often, it may be traced generations again.

So when the North Node meets Chiron, we have now a novel alternative to take a look at this wound from a distinct angle, and re-write our karmic patterns. This time we will really break the cycle.

February nineteenth, 2024 – Solar Enters Pisces

On February nineteenth, 2024, Solar enters Pisces. Pleased birthday to all Pisces on the market!

Pisces is the final signal of the zodiac. The Pisces season is once we full the 12-month cycle, or one astrological 12 months.

The Pisces season (the time earlier than Aries, once we begin a brand new 1-year cycle) has at all times been a great time to declutter the home, the physique, the thoughts and the soul.

In the course of the Pisces season, take a while to replicate on what this astrological cycle has meant for you, and what you might be shifting in the direction of or inviting within the subsequent one.

February nineteenth, 2024 – Venus Conjunct Mars

On February nineteenth, 2024 Venus is conjunct Mars at 6° Aquarius. Venus-Mars conjunctions are basically very sought-after particularly for relationships or romance. What’s fascinating is that we had one other Venus-Mars conjunction (at 0° Aquarius) in March 2022, so this is sort of a sequel to that one.

This time, we have now Pluto at 0° Aquarius – setting the collective agenda, whereas Venus and Mars at 6° Aquarius – will reveal the person function we’ll play on this new 2-decade chapter of our life.

February twenty fourth, 2024 – Full Moon In Virgo

On February twenty fourth, 2024 we have now a Full Moon at 5° Virgo. The Full Moon in Virgo is reverse Saturn in Pisces. This Full Moon has a heavy vitality.

We may match very onerous however nonetheless not be the place we wish to be. On the Full Moon in Virgo, you’ll have an aha second about why your efforts don’t yield the anticipated outcomes. The reply shouldn’t be at all times “work tougher”. Generally it’s the little issues that result in huge enhancements.

The Full Moon in Virgo will remind us that specializing in effectivity and the finer particulars might be as impactful as sheer effort.

February twenty eighth, 2024 – Solar Conjunct Saturn

On February twenty eighth, 2024, the Solar is conjunct Saturn at 9 Pisces. Solar-Saturn transits are somewhat sobering.

It’s akin to the second when your supervisor calls you into their workplace. You at all times sort of know why they’re calling you. For those who’ve been late together with your initiatives… nicely, which may not be excellent information. If as a substitute you’ve executed an incredible job, chances are you’ll be up for a elevate or a promotion.

Solar conjunct Saturn is a actuality test, asking us to judge if we’re on observe with our targets. Are we dwelling as much as our potential?

PS: I’ll write a report in regards to the North Node-Chiron conjunction nearer to the date. Till then, have an incredible February!

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