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Astrology Of March 2024 – Lunar Eclipse In Libra

March 2024 marks the start of the eclipse season with a Lunar Eclipse in Libra.

The eclipse season is when issues ‘occur’ – that is when the Universe units the stage for attention-grabbing developments and unpredictable twists and turns. All, with the objective of serving to us align with our path and function in life. 

By no means, ever concern the Eclipses. Life generally unfolds in mysterious methods, however it all is sensible within the grand scheme of issues. 

In March, the vitality shifts from Aquarius to Pisces. We’re nonetheless recovering from a tense Aquarius season. Not solely did now we have the primary Aquarius season with Pluto within the signal, however the Aquarius planets utilized fairly just a few tense squares to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. 

Whereas initially of the month we’re nonetheless coping with some squares in Aquarius/Taurus, the remainder of March has a very completely different vibe. Issues really feel much less dramatic; we really feel much less caught, and able to transfer on. 

On March twentieth, 2024 the Solar enters Aries, marking the start of a brand new astrological 12 months. Identical to folks have birthdays, the Earth has a birthday too. It is a time to press the ‘reset’ button at a collective stage, and embrace the recent vitality of latest beginnings. 

One other spotlight of March is the making use of Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Originally of March, Jupiter and Uranus are 8° aside, and by the top of the month, they draw nearer, solely 3° aside.

The anticipation is getting thrilling! Take note of the themes that emerge throughout this time – they’ll culminate later in April.

March third, 2024 – Venus Sq. Uranus

On March third, 2024 Venus (at 19° Aquarius) is sq. Uranus (at 19° Taurus). It is a rebellious facet that would carry disruptions in areas of our lives the place we usually don’t like disruptions, resembling relationships or funds. 

Nevertheless, since Venus and Uranus are in mutual reception, they assist one another, on the lookout for inventive methods to make issues work. 

The Venus-Uranus sq. can encourage us to discover unconventional relationship dynamics, or experiment with new methods of managing our funds. A sq. doesn’t must be disruptive, if we reframe it as an invite to do issues in another way. 

March eighth, 2024 – Mercury Conjunct Neptune

On March eighth, 2024, Mercury is conjunct Neptune at 27° Pisces. If you happen to’re into astrology and the therapeutic arts, you most likely hear it on a regular basis “take note of our goals”. 

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces is THE “take note of your goals” transit, so even in case you’ve heard it one thousand occasions earlier than, you actually need to take note of your goals now. 

Mercury is our private ‘translator’, and Neptune is our unconscious, so when Mercury is conjunct Neptune – particularly in Neptune’s residence signal, Pisces – now we have a novel alternative to entry our unconscious and make sense of some vital messages that we could overlook, or discover complicated in any other case. 

And in case you don’t bear in mind your goals (many individuals don’t) then take note of your daydreams. The place does your thoughts wander when you may have some alone time, you’re within the bathe, or whenever you’re surrounded by water?

March ninth, 2024 – Mars Sq. Uranus

On March ninth, 2024 Mars (at 19° Aquarius) is sq. Uranus (at 19° Taurus). Mars-Uranus squares are identified to be impulsive and even reckless. They usually begin with a way of tingling or restlessness, compelling us to ‘do one thing’ – something – as a result of we merely can’t keep nonetheless.  

If we’re not conscious of the deeper drivers behind these impulses, they will escalate into an urge to show our lives the other way up and break away from any actual or perceived limitation. 

As with all transits – particularly tense transits – consciousness is essential. It’s not at all times the world that should change to suit our beliefs of freedom – however ourselves. 

March tenth, 2024 – New Moon In Pisces

On March tenth, 2024 now we have a New Moon at 20° Pisces. The New Moon is conjunct Neptune and sextile Uranus in Taurus. That is an auspicious New Moon, stuffed with the potential for serendipities and sudden alternatives. 

Due to Neptune, our instinct is heightened, whereas the sextile to Uranus brings progressive concepts and the braveness to embrace change.

On the New Moon in Pisces, something is feasible, if we open ourselves up and belief within the circulation of life.

March tenth, 2024 – Mercury Enters Aries

On March tenth, 2024, Mercury enters Aries

Aries is the “rather less dialog, just a little extra motion” signal. With Mercury in Aries, our communication turns into extra direct, assertive, and targeted on taking rapid motion relatively than dwelling on particulars or overthinking.

That being mentioned, this isn’t your typical Mercury in Aries transit. Mercury will spend a very long time in Aries because of its upcoming retrogradation in April. This implies Mercury will spend an uncommon period of time within the proximity of Chiron and the North Node, activating alternatives to revisit and rewrite self-sabotaging patterns of considering. 

Throughout this transit (which is energetic till Could seventh, 2024), we are able to discover therapeutic by addressing previous wounds and embracing new views that align with our highest potential.

March eleventh, 2024 – Venus Enters Pisces

On March eleventh, 2024, Venus enters Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which suggests it feels nice on this water, a compassionate signal. 

Venus in Pisces is the proverbial mermaid, diving deep into the ocean of feelings and in search of union with the divine. 

When Venus transits the signal of Pisces, we’re inspired to embrace compassion, empathy, and religious connection in {our relationships} … and why not, seduce a sailor with the enchanting melody of our hearts.

March twentieth, 2024 – Solar Enters Aries

On March twentieth, 2024, Solar enters Aries. Completely satisfied birthday to all Aries on the market! 

The March equinox can also be the start of a brand new astrological 12 months.  It is a nice time to press the ‘reset’ button and begin over again. 

The Aries season is a time to “simply do it” – comply with our intuition and take motion. If one thing feels proper, then it most likely is! 

March twentieth, 2024 – Mercury Conjunct Chiron

On March twentieth, 2024, Mercury is conjunct Chiron at 18° Aries. That is the first conjunction in a collection of three. The opposite conjunctions occur on April fifteenth, 2024, at 20° Aries (with Mercury retrograde) and the third on Could seventh, 2024, at 21° Aries. 

Mercury-Chiron transits are a chance to look at our wounds, and uncover their hidden treasure of knowledge and development. 

With Mercury conjunct Chiron, it’s phrases, ideas, and reminiscences that can set off our previous wounds and hurts. 

When Mercury is conjunct Chiron, we frequently recall some hurtful issues somebody has mentioned to us. Mother and father or siblings who bullied us, lecturers who undermined our self-confidence, colleagues or friends who made us really feel odd or insufficient. 

This transit is a chance to dig deeper into the basis causes of our ache and reframe our understanding of ourselves and our experiences.

March twenty first, 2024 – Venus Conjunct Saturn

On March twenty first, 2024, Venus is conjunct Saturn at 12° Pisces. 

Venus is our subjective lens – our values, preferences, likes and dislikes. 

Saturn is the planet of construction and actuality. Saturn makes issues actual, anchoring summary ideas into tangible types. 

Pisces is an imaginative and empathetic signal that invitations us to discover our unconscious and religious dimensions.

Venus conjuncts Saturn in Pisces is an invite to carry our subjective perceptions into tangible actuality. 

It is a nice transit to create not a imaginative and prescient board (a “imaginative and prescient” is extra of a Jupiterian factor) however a “temper board”. A temper board is a collage of photographs, textual content, and different parts that evoke a selected temper or feeling – versus a ‘imaginative and prescient’ which is extra mental. 

Your emotions, intuitions and innermost needs are sometimes difficult to precise in phrases, however can discover resonance via imagery and symbolism.

March twenty second, 2024 – Mars Enters Pisces

On March twenty second, 2204 Mars enters Pisces.

Mars in Pisces is the archetypal chameleon; he’s nonetheless doing the Mars factor – he nonetheless takes motion, however in a Piscean method. 

This implies he’ll act in keeping with circumstances. It means he can simply change his thoughts, or adapt to the circulation of occasions. 

Will not be that he’s flaky, however from the Piscean angle he has perspective – he can see how every thing is linked – how the flap of the butterfly’s wings could cause a twister. 

Identical to the ocean strikes with the currents, enable your instinct – relatively than the rational or logical narrative – information your actions. 

March twenty fifth, 2024 – Lunar Eclipse In Libra

On March twenty fifth, 2024 now we have a Lunar Eclipse at 5° Libra.

The Eclipse is trine Pluto at 1° Aquarius, giving us a chance to delve deep into our relational dynamics and rework them for the higher.

Libra is the signal of relationships and one-on-one connections. On the Full Moon in Libra, we could have some epiphanies about our partnerships.

It takes 2 to tango, and when one companion steps on different’s foot, tensions could come up. However the vital factor right here will not be that the dance has been disrupted, however relatively what it’s making an attempt to inform us in regards to the dynamics at play.

Nice relationships are based mostly on the artwork of being current, and working from a “We” narrative, with out forgetting in regards to the 2 “Me” that make it up. 

A Lunar Eclipse is an excellent potent Full Moon. Some relationship dynamics could attain a fruits level, asking us to deal with them with Libra’s proverbial steadiness and equity. 

March 2024 is kind of a month… however April 2024 is much more attention-grabbing. That is when now we have a really highly effective Photo voltaic Eclipse (conjunct Chiron) and essentially the most anticipated Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Till then, have a fantastic March! 

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