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Baby With Saturn Transiting The First Home

Baby With Saturn Transiting The First Home


old saturn girl cardHello, I used to be curious what can be the high-level recommendation and steering with reference to Saturn Transit by way of the first Home for a kid. My son is a ten yr previous Pisces, simply beginning a brand new college and a brand new life and I’m not positive what this overlap with such a large transit ought to imply. I’m fishing for some reassurance right here to be sincere.

Thanks a ton, sending good ideas from Austria!

I’m glad you requested!  First, I might lose the “large transit” designation. This isn’t a large transit.  It’s routine and easily indicators your son will likely be maturing throughout this era. He’ll turn into higher outlined and higher defended.

The chance with this transit, is that he turn into disabled by worry.  As a Pisces, he’s additionally permeable so he’ll take up your worry and fear.  It can assist loads for those who can maintain your toes on the bottom and shore him up as he meets this problem.

It is smart he would have this transit in his new location. He’s to determine himself in addition to agency up the construction of his life basically. “I reside right here, I stand for this, that is my companion, finest buddy or no matter, and that is my fame”.  He’s engaged on this.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have his operating buddy but; he’ll acknowledge that void and fill it when the time comes.  However the primary factor is you shore up his confidence by believing in him.

My son has Saturn conjunct his solar. He was fairly scared going into highschool so I sat him down and advised him precisely, this:

“You could be afraid, however in actuality, there isn’t one factor they’re going to show you there, that you may’t study. This contains the senior stage lessons. None of it’s past you and your skill, so simply go and also you’ll see I’m proper.”

My son’s method modified fully on that alone. That is what you would possibly convey to him. “I do know it’s daunting however I do know you may deal with it. When you want me, I’m right here.”

Are you able to see the way you’d be setting him as much as be a person? You’re the Saturn determine. Assist him, don’t scare him. You may also inform him (the reality), all the opposite youngsters are afraid too!

Mainly, boundaries. He’s the person. You’re his backup. Step in, if requested.  In any other case, that is his present.  You need him to achieve success so he can refer again to this time.  Made it by way of that, I could make it by way of this!

Good luck!



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