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Backing As much as Make Sense, Mercury Retrograde, Solar enters Virgo

Backing As much as Make Sense, Mercury Retrograde, Solar enters Virgo


Sensitivities shall be growing dramatically underneath the sensitive Venus/Jupiter sq., whereas a way of delusion, discouragement or deviousness drenches the air underneath the imaginative Mars/Neptune opposition on Tuesday August 22. Work out what you need to do with all these ‘feels’ if you lastly start to note these vibrational waves.

As route turns into cloudy and seemingly unsafe, we’ll be led ahead by way of deep analyzation as Solar (identification, ego) strikes from royal Leo, into perfectionist Virgo on Wednesday August 23. In the course of the subsequent 4 weeks, we’re prone to be a bit extra observant, thoughtful, environment friendly and well being acutely aware. If we’re not taking note of what we’re obsessively searching for, this vitality can heighten our ideas towards fear, criticism, fault-finding, nervousness, sleeplessness, inflexibility and/or sterilization.

When you cease studying, you begin dying. Albert Einstein

There’s a possible for ideas, communications and quick journeys to show us to some confusion, breakdowns, errors and arguments over the following three weeks as trickster Mercury stations retrograde on Wednesday August 23. Whereas assumptions and main distractions can occur, it can be a therapeutic cycle to pause and reroute ourselves into reverse route; the place we will look again to replicate, rethink, overview and refocus – as a solution to recorrect the place misinterpretations, inaccuracies and misunderstandings first started. On this dizzy cycle, we will get tangled into unresolved conditions once more with estranged household/pals and/or ex-lovers. If there’s one thing that also must be mentioned or resolved, boldly method what’s been standing in the best way with the exterminating Mars/Pluto trine on Thursday August 24. 

Between what is alleged and never meant, and what’s meant and never mentioned, most of affection is misplaced. Kahill Gibran

As we’re relearning the way to rethink and talk higher… Mars (vitality) will transfer from deep-cleansing Virgo, into relatable Libra for the following six weeks on Sunday, August 27. Our creativity and skill to get what we would like might be present in our instinct, notion, enthusiasm, accountability, our measuring abilities, equity and co-operation. If we’re unable to circulate and implement stability, the shadow facet of this vitality can hold us impersonal, indecisive, egocentric, deceptive, judgmental, confrontational and/or separating. Give up to achieve even larger.

Weekly tarot message: We’re nonetheless a bit reluctant to pursue the street much less travelled. [PageWandsRx/Devil]. For extra perception, try your month-to-month tarot card within the August 2023 Tarotscope. A lot love. ~Suzi



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