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Beware: Flattery Is The First Step In the direction of Thoughts Management

Beware: Flattery Is The First Step In the direction of Thoughts Management


epropsFlattery is usually step one in direction of gaining management of one other particular person. “Hey, fairly girl!”  It’s opens you as much as a sure diploma, virtually immediately.

I’ve Venus in Leo and lots of people use this on approach on me.  A lot so, I made a video in 2007: Leo & Flattery: Actual Gold vs Idiot’s Gold.

It doesn’t work on me, maybe as a result of I’ve Uranus in Leo as properly. Flatter  me and I need to put as a lot house between you and I as humanly potential.

Permitting your self to be flattered is dangerous as it will possibly simply make you assume you’re some sort of demigod.  It will also be addicting.  If you happen to’re routinely pumped up, you’re going to be seeking to be pumped up, which feels like “narcissistic provide”.

Web enterprise has exploited this human tendency very efficiently. Legions of individuals carry out for likes and retweets; which the platforms can provide or take away. Everyone seems to be on the lookout for that VIRAL creation that places them on the map.

I discovered about this once I first began running a blog in 2001.  That’s me in my xanga pic, with an “eprop” background. This was pre-facebook. At this time’s eprops are “likes” and/or thumbs up. This was earlier than Reddit as properly. The unique “web factors”.

In case your heads swells, you grow to be weak to predators of every kind.  Consider celebrities who’re ripped off by their managers or accountants.  It’s fairly simple to fill you with bs which transforms you into a cheerful, contented, theft sufferer.

Most really feel that there’s an ongoing brainwashing operation underway, although they might bicker over who’s affected by it. I’m sure that everybody is affected by it so no arguments right here! If you happen to’re ever to be unaffected by it, it’s a must to notice it’s occurred.

flatteryThe web gives you no matter you want. If you happen to like canines, you’ll see canines all over the place. If you happen to like sure personalities, these personalities multiply. The brand new related personalities will possible be bots or their equal, however you received’t discover due to your glad contentment.  You see proper there, you’re half gone and it took thirty seconds.

The fixed reinforcement could also be one of many causes folks have grow to be so illiberal. Your bias is confirmed tons of of occasions a day.  Assuming a distinct opinion occurs to succeed in you, you’re very prone to brush it away like a bit of lint.

The percentages you see an opinion opposite to your personal has been decreasing over time. If this pattern continues, the day will come when you’ll be able to’t discover an opposing opinion anyplace.  This may very well be since you’re completely saved in an web “cubby”, however it is also as a result of there is just one narrative allowed.

I’m going to proceed to attempt to keep this web site the place folks can intersect with folks they don’t have a lot in frequent with. It’s simply very arduous to be taught something new in case you don’t discuss to individuals who aren’t you.

Right here’s an eight second lengthy video, I affiliate with flattering conduct.

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Are you inclined to flattery? Have you ever ever been victimized by a a flatterer?




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