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Blind Spots & Core Character Traits – Yours & Theirs

double pinochleI had putting conversations with two purchasers this week, coping with the identical phenomena. It’s the actual fact you possibly can know somebody for years and miss a key level of their character. An individual can even miss their very own character! I’ll clarify.

Within the first case, I informed a consumer that somebody of their life liked to brood. Likes to brood? Whaaaat?

If in case you have a lighter character or simply are typically blissful, the concept an individual may get pleasure from brooding shouldn’t be more likely to happen to you. “Brooding” won’t even enter your thoughts and this not a failure. It could be like me operating into somebody who was keen about looking. I’ve no earthly concept what that appears like.

Discover there’s no judgement right here. There’s only a huge void on this “looking slot”, in my schema. Till I meet somebody who loves looking, contemplating it isn’t more likely to enter my thoughts.

I believed this was fascinating however then enter consumer #2. Competitiveness got here up on this session.

Lots of I’ve Mars conjunct Mercury my chart. This facet is pushy and it needs to win. I used play playing cards with my father after I was a child. I liked playing cards, particularly Double Pinochle. My father and I performed as companions, routinely beating individuals to a pulp.

Do you see how I’m speaking? That’s the mindset. We took “in it to win it” to an entire different degree. For those who’re questioning, sure. My father additionally has Mars conjunct Mercury.

cardsSo the consumer is on the metaphorical card desk with somebody like me. Blood pumping. Straining to win. WANTS TO WIN,. Needs to be first. Needs to be on high and prevail. That is happening behind their poker face. The consumer is enjoying playing cards however the Mars Mercury individual is at warfare.

You see the image there. Everybody seems regular. The one who is calmly enjoying playing cards doesn’t understand the individual they’re enjoying with has adrenaline coursing via their veins. Uncooked male vitality, raging.

The aggressive individual (me) has no clue the opposite individual’s coronary heart fee is steady. I believe you are attempting to beat me on the identical degree of depth I’m attempting to beat… everybody.

In different phrases, I believe I’m regular and commonplace.
You assume you’re regular and commonplace and we’re each blind on this regard.

I now not do that nevertheless it’s solely as a result of I finished enjoying video games. I don’t like the sentiments that come up after I do. I hate the racing feeling and the best technique to keep away from it’s to keep away from competitors. That is what I’ve achieved for many years.

These consultations made me take into consideration this over the past couple days. I recall sitting on the card desk; I’d have been ten years previous or so.  We performed, solely with grownup males and whereas I’d been instructed to take a seat calmly and never tip my hand underneath any circumstances, my impulse was reverse that. I sat nonetheless however possibly you possibly can think about the stress.

The revelation right here is in coming to grasp the lads I performed with, exterior of my father, had been most definitely simply out for an evening of playing cards. Sure, we performed for cash, however on the whole, the common individual performs playing cards to calm down and be social. It actually isn’t life or demise to them… and I certain want I’d have identified this on the time.  It appears an enormous piece to overlook!

So I’m telling you so you possibly can comprehend it at this time.  The individual you might be coping with is NOT you. Even whenever you’re associated!  My father and I’ve this one factor in widespread, certainly. It doesn’t imply we line up down the road. Clearly we don’t.

That is additionally a very good instance of the worth of astrology.  Is competitiveness proven in a chart? YES. Is the love of brooding proven in  a chart? YES. However you have got to have the ability to learn a chart otherwise you’re not going to see it.

Additionally, whenever you see one thing like it is a chart, it offers data nevertheless it’s not definitive. Am I aggressive? YES. However I’m not competing and I’m going to nice lengths to maintain it this manner, leaving this facet of my Mars Mercury conjunction to play in different methods. Efficient communication?

It’s an enormous deal when the veil drops and also you see you’re continuously interacting with individuals whose insides are overseas to you.  A number of issues come from this. You may see the concept you’re going to remake them in your picture is actually fruitless.

“Hey, Elsa!  Let’s play playing cards and simply calm down about it.”

Oh actually? How? The minute I see the playing cards, my coronary heart comes alive.  Open the pack and it escalates. The sound of shuffling? I’m  a boxer ready for the bell to ring. Deal the playing cards and it’s steely focus – kill, kill, kill!

By now you don’t need to play playing cards with me. I perceive. I don’t play playing cards with me both, so there’s our commonality.  I needed to reveal this to make my level.

Can anybody relate? What do you consider this?



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