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Breaking it Down – Large Sky Astrology

Breaking it Down – Large Sky Astrology


Revive What’s Damaged

I’ve a principle that every little thing and everybody has somebody who’s uniquely designed to find it irresistible. You see this mirrored in our hobbies, our collections, and our ardour initiatives. What’s it that we love, that brings us pleasure? In a beginning chart, that query is answered by the signal and home placement of Venus. And the journey of transiting Venus via the indicators every year tells us what may catch our tastes for a month or so.

This week, Venus enters Scorpio (Dec. 4, 2023, 10:51 am PST, via Dec. 29). Scorpio compels us to like what isn’t conventionally lovable. To treasure cactus as an alternative of roses, snakes as an alternative of puppies, funerals as an alternative of christenings, motion pictures with difficult heroes and unhappy endings.

Whereas Venus in Scorpio, the signal of resurrection, we’re referred to as to like what scares us and to revive what’s damaged.

The Large, Messy Draft

Individuals who get pleasure from studying however usually are not themselves writers may think that the method of spilling phrases out onto the web page is as easy and pleasant as it’s to learn them. However in truth, most writers write large, messy, terrible first drafts that you simply wouldn’t get pleasure from studying in any respect, and that they most likely didn’t love writing.

Generally it’s laborious to think about what you wish to say till you see some model of it written out, full with each scrap of inspiration or half-formed concept, each half-finished sentence and combined metaphor.

Now, you don’t hit “publish” on the weblog put up or ship it to a writer or agent in that determined situation. You need to return and tackle the punctuation points, throw out what doesn’t work, and usually tidy issues up.

Whereas the Solar is in Sagittarius, we write a giant, messy first draft of our large concepts and adventurous schemes for the brand new 12 months that’s simply across the nook. The sky’s the restrict for our Sagittarius imaginations; our quivers are full of arrows of concepts.

The Sagittarius season’s Virgo Final Quarter Moon (Dec. 4, 2023, 9:49 pm PST) is once we hand this large, messy draft over to our interior editor, who breaks it down, decides what’s lifelike and important, excises the surplus, and tightens the prose. We don’t wish to surrender any of our Sagittarian arrows, however our solely hope of creating any desires come true is to resolve which scheme reveals essentially the most promise. And on this, Virgo excels.

Recovering Deeply

Venus in Scorpio trines Saturn (Dec. 5, 2023, 2:51 pm PST, 1º22’) on the Sabian image 2 Scorpio: A damaged bottle and spilled fragrance. Venus in Scorpio loves deeply and, when its coronary heart is damaged, grieves ​commensurately. After an emotional setback, the time will come to get again on our toes; however normally, it’s sensible to first lay low and get better our emotional energy.

Therefore the trine from Venus to Saturn, on the image 2 Pisces: A squirrel hiding from hunters.

In its most optimistic sense, Venus’ trine to Saturn can mark the deepening and formalizing of a relationship, and if that’s the case for you, warmest congratulations. However for those who’re feeling harm, unloved, undervalued, even betrayed… take this transit as a prescription to spend time alone to get better and to guard your self from additional hurt. Once we love deeply, and grieve deeply, we want time and area to get better deeply.

The Tide Comes In

Neptune, when it’s retrograde (because it has been since June 30), is just like the seaside when the tide is out. The panorama appears slightly stark, plagued by ropes of kelp, chunks of driftwood, and birds scavenging for one thing to eat.

It’s simpler to stroll on the compacted sand on the waterline, although. And Neptune’s retrograde instances appear, to me, to be a time once we stroll on extra stable floor, with a clearer view of the interior and outer landscapes.

After which, when Neptune turns direct once more (Dec. 6, 2023, 5:22 am PST), the tide is available in and we’re pushed again to the shifting sands of the shore – to sit down, spellbound, lulled by the sounds of the waves. Take pleasure in their watery music, however maintain a secure distance.

By no means Give Up

There are those that don’t think about themselves particularly impressed, however who handle, via sheer dint of willpower, to achieve the higher echelon of their chosen career. The secret’s, merely, to by no means surrender. That’s the present of Mercury in sensible, earthbound Capricorn because it makes a trine to plentiful Jupiter in Taurus (Dec. 7, 2023, 8:09 pm PST), scooping up a jackpot because it stops by.

Alternatively, what labored yesterday won’t succeed subsequent week. Bear in mind to boost your head up out of your work every now and then to see what’s occurring round you, and take your cue from those that are shifting ahead in new methods. Particularly now, as Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, is in creative and intuitive Pisces, let your eyes and your thoughts drift gently off target from time; there’s nothing mistaken with including slightly woo-woo to your bag of tips.

Diving Deep, Having Adventures

Venus in Scorpio opposes Jupiter this week (Dec. 9, 2023, 7:35 pm PST) on the Sabian image 7 Scorpio, Deep-sea divers. If there’s anywhere Scorpio likes, it’s someplace deep. One Scorpio man I do know spent his profession submerged as much as six months at a time in a naval nuclear submarine; one other Scorpio spent his deep underground in a nuclear missile silo. It takes a specific psychology to handle that sort of depth.

Venus on this signal is designed for comparable depth in relationship. This isn’t a Venus for mild chit-chat or one-night stands; it’s a Venus for soulful conversations and penetrating gazes.

Nonetheless…its opposition to Jupiter attracts adventurers and philosophers. No sooner does Venus in Scorpio connect itself to somebody necessary, than Jupiter is headed to the airport for an unique journey.

In an opposition facet, we’re really each folks within the interplay. We wish to kind deep, transformation connections with others, however we may wish to have adventures, our own residence, and separate financial institution accounts. It’d take some time for it to sink in, however collectively, our deep connections and our independence mix to make us really feel secure sufficient to take pleasure in each.

Writing and pictures © 2017-23 by April Elliott Kent

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