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Can Astrology Predict the Future?

Can Astrology Predict the Future?


Anybody from a hobbyist to an expert reader can inform you that the primary factor individuals need to use astrology for is predicting the long run, however can it actually warn us about what’s coming proper across the nook? Let’s dive into predictive astrology and discover out simply how far into the long run you may see.

What’s Predictive Astrology?

After you’ve spent a while studying about all the chances and ends of your start chart, you’ll end up able to take the following step in your astrology journey: predictions!

So, like, horoscopes?

Whereas, sure, horoscopes, like those you grew up studying at the back of Seventeen journal, are definitely part of predictive numerology, they’re like dipping a toe within the shallow finish of the ocean. It feels good, however you gotta dive in absolutely to be able to perceive it.

In easy phrases predictive numerology is the connection between your natal chart and the all the time transferring planets in our photo voltaic system. This nook of astrology is the delicate artwork of studying the patterns of what transpires when sure planets meet up, sq. up and hook up.

Natal Planet Vs Transit Planet

The phrases you’ll must get snug with to be able to work some predictive magick listed here are natal and transit.

A natal planet is present in a start chart (often known as a natal chart). Your start chart is sort of a snapshot of the photo voltaic system on the precise second of your start. In a romantic sense, you’re the dwelling, respiratory incarnation of that precise second within the photo voltaic system (isn’t that so f*#%ing cool?)

A transit planet is the precise planet in our photo voltaic system, all the time transferring and retrograding and bringing pleasure and havoc to our lives. Now, issues can get complicated whenever you be taught that the time period transit additionally pertains to that factor that’s taking place between your natal planet and the transit planet. When transit Mercury squares your natal Venus, that’s a transit! Simply consider Mercury because the planet inflicting the transit to occur to you, that’s why it’s dubbed the transit planet.

What’s an Side?

In our instance above I discussed transit Mercury in a sq. to your natal Venus, however what does that phrase sq. imply right here, and what does it inform us in regards to the transit?

As a transit planet strikes by its orbit, it creates sure observable relationships to the planets in your chart. You could have heard of among the extra frequent transits similar to conjunctions and squares, however what do they imply?

Conjunct 0°

Which means the 2 planets are in the identical signal and (almost) the identical diploma. That is the strongest facet for apparent causes. Think about standing in a room with all of the planets, this could be the power of somebody who is sort of critically connected at your hip. The 2 energies are unavoidable and work in tandem.

Sextile 60°

These are two planets which might be two indicators away from each other. For instance, a planet in Scorpio or Pisces would create a sextile with a planet in Capricorn. The power of this facet is harmonious, the 2 planets are besties and might convey forth a shared imaginative and prescient.

Sq. 90°

These planets are in the identical modality: cardinal, fastened or mutable. The cardinal indicators are Aries, Most cancers, Libra and Capricorn. The fastened indicators are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The mutable indicators are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These planets are combating for dominance and this facet often appears like butting heads however making no progress. Nonetheless, it’s very energetically charged which isn’t all the time a nasty factor!

Trine 120°

These planets are in the identical component: hearth, earth, air or water. As a result of these planets share an necessary frequent thread, these features are inclined to shortly convey on blessings and success. Nonetheless, typically it will probably really feel like going too quick down a slide (and getting a significant wedgie by the point you attain the underside).

Opposition 180°

These are the planets instantly throughout from one another on the zodiacal wheel. Aries and Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, Most cancers and Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius. You’ll be able to consider these features as a tug of battle or a phone wire; both they’re battling or they’re working collectively. It’s because these indicators have the identical purpose however usually radically alternative ways of reaching them.

A Easy trick for Studying Your Transits

Working with transits is the place we get into the mathematics of all of it since we’d like to have the ability to learn the angles and perceive the levels of separation between two issues–this may be actually tough for first timers!

The story of a transit is informed with a couple of transferring elements: the planets are the subject material, the indicators they’re in set the temper or the tone, the home the planets fall in set the scene, and the facet reveals us plot.

For instance, let’s say transit Aquarius Saturn is sq. Taurus Venus. We take a look at each planets in your chart and Saturn falls into the twelfth home whereas Venus falls into the 4th home.

The planets are Saturn and Venus, so the subject material is authority, accountability, love, relationships. The indicators they’re in are Aquarius and Taurus that are each fastened indicators which means that they’re caught in a stalemate. Taurus often seeks consolation and pleasure whereas Aquarius is ingenious and observant. The homes they fall in are the twelfth and 4th which means that that is all taking place in secret and at dwelling. Being that they’re in a sq. facet to 1 one other we all know that there’s rigidity and power, seemingly there may be some type of battle happening.

That alone provides us quite a bit to consider relating to this transit! What do you assume it’d imply? A married couple combating however attempting to maintain it from the youngsters? One accomplice wanting to interrupt up due to a secret affair? Breaking off an engagement? Or a easy argument about housematters stemming from secret resentments?

Can Astrology Predict the Future?

So now we come to the final word query, can astrology predict the long run? The easy reply is sure, it will probably. Have a look at our instance above, there have been a pair alternative ways you may see that story unfolding, so it’s seemingly that one will come to fruition, however how a lot did we actually predict?

Astrology is about finding out patterns and meaning that there’s all the time the likelihood that these patterns will create concrete outcomes, nevertheless the perfect use of predictive astrology isn’t to have the ability to learn a chart like a fortune teller. As a substitute take a look at it as a device to mirror on the previous and current moments. It acts as a information to your pure ebbs and flows in life and it may be an ideal reassurance when issues really feel powerful.

So, sure, astrology can predict the long run, however what’s stopping you from utilizing it for the previous and current?



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