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Chakras and Sound Harmonics

Chakras and Sound Harmonics


Every little thing on this universe vibrates. This contains the chair you sit upon, the water you drink, the automotive you drive, the ebook you learn, your canine, your plant and your personal physique. Irrespective of how apparently stable and static any being or object is, in fact it’s in a state of fixed movement, as it’s manufactured from a sea of whirling, colliding atoms in a seamless stream of sunshine. This movement of vibration has a sound, although human ears can’t hear it; this sound is known as its resonance or frequency.


Frequency and resonance

Your physique has a frequency or resonance, which is the sum complete of all components. But you aren’t one completely coherent stream of vitality; you’re extra like a symphony, as every organ, bone, tissue and cell in your physique vibrates in its personal approach.

As every a part of your physique resonates, it emanates a sound that’s contributing to an general harmonic of well being. The situation of well being appears like concord, as every bit of the bodily orchestra performs together with the others. In state of illness, the physique has fallen into disharmony; the parts are out of tune and out of rhythm with each other. Stability among the many components is extra necessary for general well being than the robustness of any particular person half; for that reason well being in a single particular person might look fairly totally different than it does in one other.

The frequency of every of those components of your physique is the results of your bodily, emotional and psychological habits. The best way you predominantly take into consideration your life contributes to a sure resonance in your liver and your kidneys; it creates a sure resonance in your backbone and in your toes. The best way you eat contributes to a sure frequency in your mind, your coronary heart and your intestine. Elements of your physique could also be nourished nicely whereas others are in a state of entropy; certainly, the exact same selection might contribute to a elevating of frequency in a single a part of the physique and a diminishment in one other, for every half has a singular set of wants.

The refined correspondence between thought and physique is clarified although an understanding of the Chakra system. Every a part of the physique is ruled by one of many seven chakras or, put one other approach, is the bodily counterpart of those “energetic organs”. The chakras correspond to modes of consciousness and domains of life; when a given chakra is open, we will assimilate a sure sort of expertise or consciousness with relative ease. When a given chakra is constricted, we have now some resistance to a sure space of life, consciousness or mode of expression. A sure motion might manifest directness and self-assertion — indicating an open third Chakra — whereas concurrently serving to cover us from our personal vulnerability — a constricted sacral chakra. Thus one single behavior might strengthen and nourish some organs whereas depleting others.

There are various methods to open and steadiness chakras, together with psychotherapy, reiki, crystals, shadow work and hypnosis. Easy mindfulness and the cautious, constant software of recent habits will steadiness chakras, and thus heal the physique. Nonetheless, since we’re vibrational beings, resonating at sure frequencies, sound is a very useful “shortcut” for opening blocked vitality facilities.

Sound Therapeutic

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician from sixth century B.C., well-known for his world-changing theorems, had a lesser-known thriller college which taught concerning the esoteric which means of sound.

Pythagoras believed the “music of the spheres”, the sounds of the heavenly our bodies as they moved by area, was mirrored within the sounds of vibrating strings. The reverberation of any humble instrument had the ability to heal the physique and spirit attributable to a observe’s pure correspondence with Common rules. It is a manifestation of the alchemical axiom, “as above, so under”. Every tone of the size was related to a colour within the rainbow and a high quality of the divine Godhead. Thus initiates of this Thriller college, in studying the secrets and techniques of acoustical proportions— the geometry of sound, because it had been— got direct entry to the transmuting and therapeutic energies of the heavens.

Pythagoras was not the one one to acknowledge this sacred order underlying sonic frequencies. Within the East, sonic formulation referred to as mantras are recited again and again creating adjustments within the physique, thoughts and spirit. Mantra means safety of the thoughts; the mantra capabilities as a portal by which we might enter into increased realms of consciousness by entraining with the frequency of the sound. As we reverberate or tone the mantra— both mentally or vocally— we merge with the drive, essence or deity related to that sound, thus taking up that frequency ourselves.

As every tone corresponds to a colour and high quality, every has a pure affinity with the modes of consciousness often known as the chakras. Decrease, denser pitches, which are sometimes felt as vibrations greater than they’re heard, resonate with the decrease chakras. Increased pitches, together with these so excessive that also they are felt greater than heard, resonate with the upper chakras.

Every chakra additionally resonates with a sure vowel sound, and these could also be used to create vibrational shifts within the vitality physique. We spontaneously tone on a regular basis— yawning in fatigue, moaning in ache, cheering in pleasure, or sighing in reduction. Firming helps launch rigidity, trauma and blockages. Sacred firming is the intentional use of elongated vowel sounds to create resonance, concord and steadiness, making use of pure correspondences between chakras and sound frequencies.

Vowel Sounds

To tone the Root Chakra, use the vowel sound ‘uh’. Sing this sound within the lowest pitch you’ll be able to sing, and visualize this sound resonating on the base of your backbone in a vortex of swirling purple vitality.

To tone the Sacral Chakra, use the vowel sound ‘ooh’. Sing this sound in a pitch barely increased than the Root chakra, and envision this sound reverberating in a yellow vortex of vitality swirling three inches under the navel.

To tone the Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra, use the vowel sound ‘oh’. Sing this sound in a mid-range voice, and envision this sound reverberating at your diaphragm in a yellow vortex of vitality.

To tone the Coronary heart Chakra, use the vowel sound ‘ah’. Sing this sound barely increased in mid-range, and envision this sound reverberating in a inexperienced vortex of vitality at your Coronary heart middle.

To tone the Throat Chakra, use the vowel sound ‘eye’. Sing this sound in your upper-mid-range, and really feel this sound resonating inside a blue vitality vortex in your throat.

To tone the Third Eye Chakra, use the vowel sound ‘aye’. Sing this sound in a excessive falsetto, and sense it reverberating on the middle of your forehead inside an indigo vortex of vitality.

To tone the Crown Chakra, use the vowel sound ‘ee’. Singing within the highest pitch attainable, really feel this sound resonate inside a violet vitality vortex on the prime of your head.



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