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Complicated Signs? Having Hassle Getting Recognized?

medicineWhen you’ve got Saturn and Neptune Mashed in your chart, chances are high you’re misdiagnosed.  I understand that’s a robust assertion, however I consider it at this level.

I’m speaking about, Saturn in Pisces, Saturn within the twelfth, Neptune in Capricorn, Saturn aspecting Neptune, Neptune within the tenth or Neptune conjunct the midheaven.  The errors and the results of the errors are sometimes overwhelming.

The Saturn Neptune mashup is robust in my chart

Saturn in Pisces – Missed Prognosis / Misdiagnosed

Saturn Sq. Neptune Clouds Medical Prognosis

Folks Who Have Hassle Getting Recognized With (Or With out) Sickness

Saturn In Pisces: Misdiagnosis & Kids

Right here, I’m misdiagnosed with Avascular Necrosis.

I’ve additionally been instructed I’ve breast most cancers (I don’t), MS (I don’t), in addition to being instructed, my neck was so unhealthy, if I received in a automobile accident, my carotid artery can be severed and I’d die (Didn’t occur). I’ve misplaced depend of what number of issues I’ve that I don’t have. I’ve additionally misplaced depend of what number of MRI’s I’ve had, completely pointless. I even had a physician order a “full physique most cancers scan”, whereas seeing him for a sore again. I’ve no earthly concept what he was pondering.

Then there was the time I used to be in a nasty automobile accident. I had a damaged rib, which I may level to. “It’s hurts unhealthy, right here, proper right here”.  Nonetheless it took three appointments, for me to be understood. It’s a loopy burden, what else can I say?

Posting at present to observe up on this:

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – Surprising Luck & Alternative – what did you get?

I simply found I’ve been handled for a situation I don’t have for the final 22 years.  I’m now engaged on one other favorable revelation.  I don’t suppose I’ve Lupus.

Sure, I used to be identified with Lupus a dozen years in the past. It’s a really severe sickness. Fortunate for me, I used to be handled with Plaquenil, solely. The drug is fairly innocuous in my case.  Exhausting core medication are sometimes used so I dodged that bullet.

Nonetheless, I’ve been dumping these capsules into my physique for greater than a decade.  Suspecting this, I lower my dose in half some months in the past and have had no issues. I’m all the way down to 1 / 4 dose as of this week as I feel I’ve found out what occurred right here.

I’ve an allergic response to sugar alcohols, reminiscent of Sorbitol and Mannitol.  I used to eat GOBS of these items, twenty years in the past. Apparently the use or fairly overuse of one thing like this, causes the physique to develop an allergy?

In no matter case, I consider the allergy signs (sores on my face and arms) the place misdiagnosed as “pimples” at first – six months on antibiotics. When that failed, I used to be tagged with Lupus and the remaining is historical past.

Please bear in mind that quite a few drugs embrace these compounds and the severity of the response, for me, is out of this world, at this level.

I discovered this out by consuming a scrumptious cake, over the weekend. It was reward, despatched from a bakery in California.  4 of us ate it, certainly one of us couldn’t breathe. Be suggested these compounds a utilized in business baking. It’s so apparent, as soon as you consider it.  “Twinkies” aren’t regular cake, you bake in your kitchen.

I do know I’m going on and on, however I additionally know I’m not the one one caught is this kind state of affairs. If one thing is twitching at the back of your thoughts, it’s possible you’ll wish to listen and spare your self loads of distress.

Yet another factor. Advertising and marketing!  Are you aware they deem sugar alcohols to be good for oral well being?  It’s as a result of they aren’t sugar!  See how tough that’s? Your tooth don’t profit from Sorbitol!

Who can relate?



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