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Constructing Divine Matriarchy into Your Life-style

Constructing Divine Matriarchy into Your Life-style


The masculine/female polarity has been conceptualized in some ways, together with yin/yang, lively/receptive, order/chaos, spirit/matter and photo voltaic/lunar.

In the end, these are two modes of expression of the self-same vitality of All-That-Is.


Divine Masculine or Divine Female?

The Divine Masculine mode of expression is lively, kinetic, forward-moving and aggressive. The Divine Female mode of expression is receptive, restorative and Reciprocal. The masculine archetype is recognized with the Solar, which radiates the vitality of warmth and light-weight outward with such drive that we can’t even stare straight into it. The Moon, however, doesn’t shine of her personal accord, however is illumined by receiving the sunshine of the Solar. The female archetype is recognized with darkish, cool, damp and void, whereas the masculine archetype is recognized as sizzling, dry and light-weight.

Divine Masculine vitality is initiatory, exemplified within the picture of the God who creates the Universe: “Let there be mild!” The Divine Female vitality is receptive, exemplified because the primordial house inside which this Universe was made. The archetypal Goddess vitality can also be typically described because the Nice Sea whence all life rose—the matrix of all matter, older than time, undifferentiated and pure.

Nurturing the Interior Goddess

After we in our fashionable occasions hear the phrase ‘receptive’, we could also be inclined to impose a price judgment upon it, associating receptivity with weak spot or passivity. Western civilization locations far more worth in motion and ‘doing’ than receptivity or ‘being’. But with out the nonetheless void of being-ness, mild would have nowhere to shine.

Divine energy expressing by way of receptivity isn’t any much less highly effective than divine energy expressing by way of exercise; it merely has a distinct mode of functioning. There’s clearly nothing weak in regards to the primordial Goddess Gaia, essentially the most historic earth— she who offers type to what was solely formless drive. Throughout the stillness of the earth all crops, timber, minerals and fossil fuels are fostered, nurtured, and born into being. Throughout the stillness of a womb a human soul is introduced forth into bodily incarnation. Water is receptive, as it can settle for, eat and take up any object or impediment into itself with out resistance, and but water can put on down stone, wipe out whole cities and is the one component required by each single dwelling being to outlive.

Many artists, mathematicians, scientists and philosophers attest to the ability of the receptive mode; it is not uncommon to listen to that one’s most good concepts come, not when one is laboriously working upon a perplexity, however as a substitute when one is at relaxation and least anticipating it. The aware thoughts, which is recognized with the masculine archetype, is a superb device, however it will possibly simply turn into too narrowly centered in order to obscure the complete fact. The unconscious thoughts, recognized with the female archetype, is undifferentiated, transpersonal and unconstrained by logic or cause. The collective unconscious accommodates, not solely the non-public deep thoughts, however the deep thoughts of all the human race all through historical past. In relaxed states, together with trance, sleep, intoxication, fatigue, meditation or easy contentment, the contents of the Unconscious thoughts are made out there to the aware thoughts. After we create house inside the thoughts, we enable good options, visions and revelations to return forth as if from past ourselves.

Patriarchy and Matriarchy

A patriarchal life-style is organized by assertiveness, initiation, exercise, logic, competitors and hierarchy. There are optimistic, wholesome expressions of patriarchy— expressing the Divine Masculine attributes of safety, safety, order, cause and justice— and adverse, unhealthy expressions of patriarchy, which contain excesses in the necessity to management. The image of the masculine God vitality is the ahead shifting line or arrow— as in Zeus’ lightning bolts or Ares’ spear, and we could witness that patriarchies operate by the drawing of strains— whether or not these are boundaries of territories, orders of rank, delineations of obligation, the constraints of legislation or the designations of possession.

A matriarchal society is structured round reciprocity, nurturance, stability and cycles of renewal. The image of the female Goddess vitality is the circle— a form with out finish or starting. Goddesses are sometimes pictured with the Moon, with spherical life-giving bellies or because the round planet of earth herself, and matriarchies operate by the use of circles, which manifest because the gathering collectively in collaboration, the dissolution of boundaries and the orientation to the cosmic rhythms or cyclical nature of time.

The earth— whom we frequently discuss with by female names like Gaia or Mom Nature— is the last word instance of the matriarchal construction. In a wholesome forest, each impartial plant, tree, animal, mineral and component lives in a reciprocal relationship with each different dwelling being. Predators function in good stability with prey to take care of the equilibrium of the ecosystem. As a tree dies, it drops the seeds that sprout the following technology, and its rot feeds the soil with vitamins that additional the lifetime of all beings within the forest. Nature, left to herself, is eternally self-sustaining and self-renewing, with nothing wasted and nothing misplaced. It’s an expression of a purely reciprocal and unconditionally nurturing construction.

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Constructing Matriarchy in Each day Life

Listed below are some ideas for constructing a matriarchal life-style:

Be within the Second: Whereas patriarchies intention to construct static buildings which maintain forth steadfastly towards the vicissitudes of time, matriarchies are mutable. The Goddess witnesses the world in a continuing technique of transformation with no state of affairs precisely like some other and no binding ties of permanence. What was acceptable in winter could now not apply in summer time. Matriarchies are structured to take care of openness to the distinctive subjectivity of every particular person in addition to the distinctiveness of each second. Attempt to create buildings inside which you’ll organically reply in a brand new, feeling-based approach on a moment-by-moment foundation.

Reside the Lunar Calendar: The photo voltaic calendar offers with “goal” time whereby each day of the yr is kind of the identical. The lunar calendar offers with “subjective” time— that’s, the time of unfolding, improvement, momentum, development, maturation, ripening and seasons. Every section, a interval of roughly 3.5 days, has its personal persona— a top quality, temper or mode of consciousness which predominates throughout that interval. There’s time for introversion, extraversion, initiation, completion, work and play. After we align ourselves to the rhythm of the Moon, our each motion turns into exponentially extra highly effective, since we undertake the correct motion at exactly essentially the most propitious second.

Observe Gratitude and Appreciation: Sustaining an openness to life is important to activating the Goddess vitality. Holding your self in a state of pure optimistic focus softens and opens your auric discipline, relaxes the physique and releases stress from the thoughts. Gratitude places one instantly right into a receptive mode of being-ness, and on this state we divulge heart’s contents to larger realms of inspiration, perception, illumination and revelation.

While you take day trip of each day to rely your blessings, you open your coronary heart to life in a welcoming, inclusive, matriarchal spirit. Make time each day to do some exercise for the easy pleasure of it— even whether it is as small as petting a cat for ten minutes or dancing to a track.

Get pleasure from Magnificence: Magnificence is important for the happiness of the inside Goddess, whether or not meaning spending time in lovely surroundings, having fun with or creating artwork, bringing extra aesthetic concord into your private house, or primping your self! Uplift your self with pleasing scents, sights, sounds, and textures merely for the sensory pleasure. Don’t get so obsessive about doing that you just neglect in regards to the thrill of being.



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