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Empowering Your Inside Witch: Embracing Magic and Manifestation

Empowering Your Inside Witch: Embracing Magic and Manifestation


The occultist Lon Milo Duquette famously mentioned: “Magic is certainly all in your thoughts— however your thoughts is lots greater than you suppose it’s!”

Occult practices of witchcraft, divination, manifesting and spell-casting could appear mysterious and even intimidating, and but at root the ability of those practices is solely mindfulness, sensitivity, intentionality and purity of coronary heart.

In brief, magic and manifestation are about depth of focus, and the entire costumes, ceremonial implements, crops, stones, workout routines, spells and ritual varieties are solely instruments which assist amplify the magical energy which resides, not in any of those objects, however inside your very personal thoughts.

Let’s discover some methods you’ll be able to deliver out these mysterious and colossal powers of the psyche.

Useful resource the Frequencies of Crops, Planets, Minerals and Animals

Each being— together with these we name inanimate like planets or stones— carry a frequency which adjustments the power of the house they’re in.

Incense, flowers, celestial our bodies, animal totems and crystals can help you by supplying you with an power you’re missing, amplifying an power you need extra of, or supporting your means to lift and ship forth power.

Totally different beings work upon us in several methods. Crops and herbs work via the olfactory sense— one of the vital historic schools within the mind. The odor of cedar, sage, frankincense and even easy hearth instantaneously engages a primordial and deeply highly effective a part of the thoughts, calling forth highly effective talents from inside us that are often dormant.

Crystals, alternatively, function by entrainment; as a result of extremely coherent frequencies of those stones, these silent, nonetheless helpers pull us into their frequency vary in order that our power fields start to reflect their patterns.

To contain the power of a celestial archetype, you may invoke a selected planet, or time your ritual actions round astrological elements or planetary hours.

Ritualize Your Actions

Easy ceremonial actions have a mysterious and profound energy. For example, stating your intention aloud earlier than starting any interval of labor will orient your unconscious thoughts to the aim that you’ve set, mobilizing powers that in any other case lie dormant to work in your behalf. Earlier than meditation, for example, you might say one thing like: “It’s my intention to sit down for thirty minutes with a quiet thoughts, for the aim of permitting my frequency to lift.” Talking this straightforward assertion aloud has a concentrating energy that’s much more profound than you might notice.

Equally, the straightforward act of cleaning an area earlier than starting your work communicates a seriousness to the deeper layers of your thoughts. Within the easy act of ritually cleaning your house, it’s as if you’re additionally cleansing your thoughts and opening your coronary heart, permitting inspiration to flood in from a extra profound supply. Routinely cleaning an area reinforces to your unconscious thoughts that it’s a particular, valuable space of an uplifted variety, and this ritual motion will really trigger it to turn into an area that fosters a extra uplifted mode of thought. As with every ritual motion, the extra consideration and care you give to this house, the stronger its energy grows.

There are a number of methods to cleanse an area. You might merely open the home windows and doorways and let recent air flow into, letting solar shine in upon all your sacred gadgets. You may additionally smudge with cedar or sage. When you want to cleanse with hearth, candles could be lit and burned for no less than ten minutes. You may additionally place a bowl of pure salt within the middle of your house to soak up damaging influences.

Create an Altar

An altar is an space, typically elevated, put aside to cleanse and purify objects, create talismans, attune with increased powers and carry out magic. It serves as some extent of focus, and often shows photos, symbols or implements which revolve round a sure intention, frequency or celestial energy.

The aim of the altar is to help focus upon the chosen power and exalt creativeness. Subsequently, be extraordinarily deliberate with what you place upon this altar. There must be nothing superfluous upon your altar, and nothing positioned there merely for the aim of ornament. Solely that which invokes the related energies, or which helps reinforce your sense of energy, focus or devotion must be displayed.

Bear in mind: magic energy known as forth by your focus. Subsequently, you do not need, in the course of an essential meditation, to forged a look upon a household photograph, after which have your thoughts wander away to a distant reminiscence of your summer season trip on the lake. Select visible symbols that makes it straightforward on your thoughts to stay centered upon your chosen goal.

It isn’t essential to have an elaborate show. Probably the most modest of altars— a cup of water, for example— could be as profoundly efficient as any when it’s utilized by one who is evident in thoughts and pure in coronary heart. The outward and visual signal, whether or not it’s a cup or cross, a workers or wand, crystal ball or feather, is however a focusing level of consideration which permits the worshipper to come back into psychic contact with the non secular pressure which is the animating lifetime of that image.

In different phrases, it’s not the fabric substance of a sacrament which is the bodily channel for a pressure, but additionally the vivid, subjective picture created within the creativeness of the worshipper by its ritual use. What issues most is what these objects come to imply to us and the way we really feel once we look upon them. By means of this contemplation, we turn into linked with a non secular efficiency which performs the work on our behalf. Linked via thought, this non secular energy could pour into the soul and attain its divine work.

To protect and shield the delicacy of feeling about these objects, many maintain their altars and devices utterly lined up and put away till the time for ritual work. If we solely look upon these objects throughout designated magical instances, we amplify their energy, as a result of the unconscious thoughts associates their look with a “particular” taking place.

Work with the Phases of the Moon

In our trendy society we use all kinds of calendars and time-management apps within the hopes of accelerating productiveness, creativity and focus. Nonetheless, we’ve got turned away from utilizing one of the vital highly effective productivity-boosters of all time— the Moon!

The Moon strikes via a 28-day cycle of 8 phases, and in case you perceive the that means and high quality of every section, you’ll be able to arrange your life and work alongside this calendar. Every section of the moon has a selected character or temper which is pleasant and supportive to sure actions and stifling or irritating to others. There’s a lunar section which rewards socializing and a time which rewards introversion; there’s a time for wild creativity and a time for cautious organizing. There’s a time for fasting and a time for splurging, a time for stress-free and a time for workaholism.

Not solely does the lunar cycle present a template for a best and complete schedule— it additionally provides us a option to infuse our routines with cosmic power, as we align with the rhythm of the Universe. Once we fall into lockstep with the better patterns of All-That-Is, all the things we do works extra successfully and proceeds with better inspiration, infused with the celestial blessing of mom Moon.



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