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Episode 204 | Capricorn First Quarter Moon: Now with Puppies! – Large Sky Astrology

Episode 204 | Capricorn First Quarter Moon: Now with Puppies!

This week, the Solar meets Mercury, and collectively they tackle the Lunar Nodes and Pluto from either side now. Venus trines Jupiter, essentially the most lucky planets in a scrumptious facet – get pleasure from it! Mercury enters insightful, decisive Scorpio and groups up with Saturn to beat daunting duties; the Capricorn First Quarter Moon friends into the tea leaves for a glimpse of the longer term; and April solutions a listener query about transits via the twelfth home. Plus: Autumn leaves, letting the VOC Moon file your taxes, and the therapeutic energy of puppies!

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[1:12] The Solar opposes the North Node on Oct. 18 (5:45 AM PDT). A number of hours later (10:34 PM PDT), Mercury opposes the North Node. Each transits are at 24º52’ Libra and Aries.

[1:39] The Solar and Mercury are on Sabian image 25 Libra, Info within the image of an autumn leaf. The North Node is on image 25 Aries, A double promise. Belief what comes your method as being best for you, so long as you don’t cling to these previous tales.

[2:25] On Oct. 19, (10:38 PM PDT), the Solar and Mercury conjunct at 26º34’ Libra, on the Sabian image, 27 Libra, An aeroplane hovering overhead. This facet can be known as cazimi, the second when a planet is within the coronary heart of the Solar. Joni Mitchell mentioned it finest: “I’ve checked out clouds from either side now.”

[4:09] Mercury squares Pluto on Oct. 20 (5:50 PM PDT) at 27º54’ Libra-Capricorn. The Solar squares Pluto on Oct. 21 (8:09 AM PDT) 27º55’ Libra- Capricorn.

[5:20] Mercury and the Solar are on the Sabian image 28 Libra, Man within the midst of brightening influences. Pluto is on the Sabian image 28 Capricorn, A big aviary. In case you are surrounded by negativity, attempt your finest to be the optimistic affect, “the person within the midst of brightening influences.”

[6:54] Venus trines Jupiter at 12º06’ Virgo and Taurus on Oct. 21 (9:32 PM PDT). This is likely one of the nicest combos of planets in some of the flowing and harmonious points. Go take a hike with somebody particular!

[9:12] Moon Report! The Capricorn First Quarter Moon will happen on Oct. 21 (8:29 PM PDT) at 28º28’ Capricorn and Libra. The First Quarter Moon is the motion level of the lunar cycle that started on the earlier New Moon, and that was the Photo voltaic Eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023.

[9:42] The Moon is on the Sabian image 29 Capricorn, Girl studying tea leaves. The Solar is on 29 Libra, Humanity looking for to bridge data. That is additionally the First Quarter mark of the Lunar Section Household that started on the Jan. 21, 2023 New Moon at 01º32’ Aquarius. The Full Moon on this Lunar Section Household cycle is on July 21, 2024 at 29º08’ Capricorn, and the Final Quarter returns to Aquarius on April 20, 2025. Ponder develop a legacy that can serve the numerous then take some type of motion in your musings.

[12:26] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon intervals. On Oct. 17, the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn (8:43 AM PDT). Will probably be VOC for nearly 4 hours, after which enters Sagittarius (12:36 PM PDT). There is a chance to study holding our emotions in verify as a way to obtain extra energy, not essentially energy over others, however energy over ourselves.

[13:39] On Oct. 19, the Moon in Sagittarius sextiles the Solar in Libra (12:02 PM PDT). It’s VOC for nearly seven hours earlier than getting into Capricorn (6:55 PM PDT). Suggest a brand new journey to a associate or pal!

[14:33] On Oct. 21, the Capricorn Moon squares Mercury in Libra (11:00 PM PDT). It’s VOC for less than six minutes earlier than getting into Aquarius (11:06 PM PDT). Take a deep breath and let go of one thing that now not serves you.

[16:17] Mercury enters Scorpio on Oct. 21 (11:49 PM PDT) and the Messenger might be on this signal via November 9, 2023. We transfer forward intuitively, however with a terrific sense of certainty throughout Mercury’s keep in Scorpio. Analysis and creative tasks are favored.

[18:11] Mercury trines Saturn at 00º38’ Scorpio and Pisces on Oct. twenty second (9:12 AM PDT). This is a wonderful time to signal any sort of settlement that you simply need to final.

[18:55] Listener Elliott asks about transits via the twelfth home (and a pet!).

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Writing and pictures © 2017-23 by April Elliott Kent

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