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Episode 213 | The Capricorn Solstice: Demanding Recognition! – Massive Sky Astrology

Episode 213 | The Capricorn Solstice: Demanding Recognition! – Massive Sky Astrology


Episode 213 | The Capricorn Solstice: Demanding Recognition!

This week, The Solar enters Capricorn, marking the Winter Solstice within the Northern Hemisphere, Summer time Solstice within the Southern Hemisphere; a Pisces First Quarter Moon calls for motion, however situations are hazy; Mercury retrograde facets Jupiter and re-enters Sagittarius, so supersize your targets for the approaching yr; Venus opposed Uranus pulls again the curtains; and April solutions a listener query about how one can cope with worry and nervousness about large transits to your chart. Plus: Boot camp, petrified wooden, and feeling pinned below one thing heavy!

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[1:09] Mercury trines Jupiter (Dec. 18, 6:25 am PST) at 05º21’ Capricorn-Taurus. Mercury’s Sabian image is 6 Capricorn, Darkish archway with ten logs on the backside, and Jupiter is on 6 Taurus, A bridge being constructed throughout a gorge. The homes of your chart with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp signify areas of your life the place you’ll be able to construct one thing new that finally finds success.

[3:09] Moon Report! The Pisces First Quarter Moon (Dec. 19, 10:39 am PST) at 27°35’ Pisces-Sagittarius conjoins Neptune and squares the Solar. That is the motion level from final week’s New Moon in Sagittarius. Your vacation spot should be unclear, however the fog ought to dissipate by the upcoming Full Moon.

[4:35] Lunar Part Household Cycle (LPFC). That is the First Quarter Moon in a Lunar Part Household Cycle that started on the March 21, 2023 New Moon at 00º49’ Aries. All the opposite lunations on this LPFC are in late Pisces: The Full Moon on Sep. 17, 2024 and the Final Quarter on June 18, 2025. Look to the realm of your chart that accommodates between about 25° Pisces and 1° Aries to pinpoint the areas of your chart and your life which are present process a technique of transformation.

[5:53] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon durations. On Dec. 19, the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn (1:03 pm PST). It’s VOC for about 1 ¾ hours, then enters Aries (2:47 pm PST). Attain out to somebody influential who might be useful to you.

[7:19] On Dec. 21, the Moon in Aries squares Pluto (5:11 pm PST). It’ll be VOC for somewhat over 1 1/2 hours earlier than getting into Taurus (6:50 pm PST). Set a objective for your self and decide to it.

[8:10] The Moon in Taurus trines Pluto on Dec. 23 (10:40 pm PST). It’s VOC for about 1 ½ hours, then enters Gemini on Dec. 24 (12:15 am PST). The endurance and practicality of the Moon in Taurus finds its reward by way of recognition or assist from necessary and influential others.

[9:22] On Dec. 20 (11:04 pm PST), Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus at 19º39’. The Sabian image for Venus is 20 Scorpio, A girl drawing two darkish curtains apart. Uranus is on 20 Taurus, Wind, clouds, and haste. Open your self as much as new potentialities and be somewhat extra daring and accessible.

[10:58] Mercury makes the second of three sextiles to Saturn on Dec. 21 (4:33 am PST), 02°22’ Capricorn-Pisces. This can be a nice side for reaching out to these from whom you’ve been estranged or for revisiting any concepts from across the first sextile, on Dec. 2.

[12:33] The Solar enters Capricorn on Dec. 21 (7:27 pm PST, by way of Jan. 20, 2024). This marks the solstice and the start of winter within the Northern Hemisphere, summer season within the Southern Hemisphere. The Solar symbolizes what makes us shine; in Capricorn, that’s our maturity, duty, ethics, and management.

[15:07] The Solar and Mercury make a conjunction on Dec. 22 at 10:54 am Pacific Time at 00º39’ Capricorn. That is on the Sabian image 1, Capricorn, Indian chief demanding recognition. We’re acknowledged, and we see ourselves, for what we’re.

[17:22] Mercury retrograde reenters Sagittarius on Dec. 22 (10:17 pm PST). Mercury was in Sagittarius between Nov. 9 – Dec. 1, 2023. Revisit your concepts from that interval. Assume large whereas Mercury is Sagittarius. When it goes again into Capricorn, you may make concepts a actuality.

[18:11] The Solar sextiles Saturn on Dec. 24 (9:28 AM PST) at 02º37’ Capricorn and Pisces. The Sabian image for the Solar is 3 Capricorn, A human soul receptive to progress and understanding, and Saturn is on 3 Pisces, A petrified forest. This is a chance for progress and understanding and one other likelihood to achieve out to these from whom we’re estranged.

[19:51] Listener Veronica asks about how one can cope with worry and nervousness with large transits in your chart. Related episodes talked about: Episode 168, Episode 211, Episode 171,

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