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First Quarter Moon in Virgo

First Quarter Moon in Virgo


We’re on the First Quarter Moon section.


first quarter moon in Virgo

This time round, it’s within the signal of Virgo.

So it’s time to…


Cease, breathe and take inventory. Maybe you’ve taken on an excessive amount of?

Now’s the time to be dependable and sensible. Laziness is your enemy.

Additionally, don’t be too influenced by ‘the gang’ and what they’re saying. Do you continue to need what you used to need, and as a lot? If that’s the case, are you actually doing what must be carried out to make your desires actual?

Categorical how you are feeling, however do it with out an excessive amount of self‐criticism or criticism of others. Make an sincere stock about the place you can do extra to manifest your desires.

Manifesting combine

The energies at play listed below are a mixture of flirtatious and shy, enquiring and hesitant. It’s essential to work them in your favour.

Manifesting mindset

This card asks you to be mentally versatile. No matter challenges you face, your present state of affairs is unlikely to be at a complete deadlock.

Tune in to your manifesting powers

The Throat chakra (Vishudha) lets you specific your self, your needs, and whether or not you want extra time to consider one thing. It’s positioned on the base of the throat and is an exquisite sky blue color.

Visualize a column of the purest sky blue mild pouring down over you as you maintain the cardboard to the bottom of your throat, and name within the energies with these phrases:

‘Energies of the First Quarter Moon in Virgo, thanks for serving to me to in direction of readability and confidence!’

When to manifest your magic

The very best time to work your magic is when the Moon is in Virgo, on a Wednesday (Mercury’s day) or throughout Mercury’s hour.

The First Quarter Moon in Virgo takes place when the Solar is in Gemini and the Moon is in Virgo. It is aware of that it’s by no means too late to vary your mind-set.

This info is taken from my lovely Moonology Manifestation playing cards




Welcome to what we hope one can find to be a really empowering episode of the Primarily Moonology podcast.

This week, we’re being reminded that challenges function catalysts for progress. As we overcome our points, we notice our inside power and resilience.

So this week, discover the transformative energy of surmounting obstacles, because the planets conflict.

We’re within the Waxing Cycle of the Moon so we’re being requested to maneuver via our stuff and if we’re severe about making our desires come true!

Tune in now!




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