Mastering Materials Existence

Mars in Capricorn Feb 5-March 6

Mercury in Capricorn  Feb. 1-Nineteenth

Venus in Capricorn till Feb. Eleventh-March seventh

Solar in Capricorn  Jan 14-Feb 12

Pluto in Capricorn till 2040.

New Moon in Capricorn on Feb. ninth

February is difficult month with so many planets transiting via Capricorn and conjunct Pluto with Mercury conjunct Pluto on Feb. fifth initiating energy struggles and Mars conjunct Pluto on Feb. 14th which might be an earthquake signature and may create egocentric and violent habits.   Capricorn, dominated by Saturn isn’t enjoyable and requires exhausting work, self-discipline and accepting karmic future to get via.  Venus will lighten it up a bit after Feb. Eleventh nevertheless it nonetheless has a means of making heaviness, despair and depth and the Solar conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius into Feb. twenty eighth tends to extend blood stress and add to the boil.   Keep on prime of meditation and train and have enjoyable by being with individuals and going to musical occasions to lighten the vitality.

Capricorn is the enterprise planet and most of the planets going via there’ll help new enterprise ventures and good strategic planning should you can keep on prime of the depth and anxiousness.

Right here’s a reprint of my article about Capricorn:
An excerpt from Indicators of Life–Barry’s E-book


Capricorn is called Makara or the crocodile in Sanskrit. It represents the autumn of the non secular vitality of Sagittarius because it descends into matter and will get concerned in materials needs. The image is just not the Western astrological goat or perhaps a crocodile, however an amphibian creature with the face of a deer and a physique of an amphibian and therefore it’s extra of a dragon creature that wishes to come up out of the swamp of the fabric world and fly to the heavens. The non secular essence of this signal is the wrestle of an unpleasant creature of the lagoon to forged into the fabric jail to free itself of the shackles of the fabric. It symbolically represents the dragon of knowledge in esoteric astrology and isn’t a crocodile, however a reptile, and the common image of the pentagram, a 5-pointed star of Divine intelligence.

Capricorn is dominated by Saturn, the planet of infrastructure and physicality, but in addition embodies deep non secular longing and therefore the signal could be very complicated. Capricorns are stuffed with enthusiasm and vitality notably within the nakshatras of Shravana (10-23.20 Capricorn) or Uttara Ashadha (0-10 Capricorn) and idealism, however Saturn by its nature prevents them from expressing their abilities Capricorn is linked to the pure tenth signal of the zodiac linked to the will to rise in standing and being seen and acknowledged on the earth.

Capricorn is linked to the bottom chakra or Muladhara chakra out of which the kundalini vitality arises. Therefore it comprises the latent potential for full realization, however stays grounded and hidden within the earth and must be woke up. Therefore the essence of Capricorn is liberating the non secular from its materials jail.

Saturn guidelines Capricorn and that’s the reason it is among the tougher indicators of the zodiac connecting it to exhausting work, trials and struggling, and never a straightforward life. If one discovers spirituality then the coiled snake vitality is woke up and Capricorn can full its journey. Capricorns should discover meditation and non secular apply to maneuver out of the grips and jail of the “extra stuff” of the fabric world.

Once more in case your Vedic Solar (Jan. 14-Feb. twelfth), moon, or rising signal is Capricorn it will probably create a really sensible particular person with conservative values who spends extra time stopping issues from occurring fairly than utilizing its artistic energies. The accountability of Saturn makes it a fantastic worker and it’s tenacious and persevering vitality makes it a really perfect employee, however with Most cancers proudly owning the seventh home, they’re emotionally weak in relationships and damage simply. Any planet positioned in Capricorn within the D1 or D9 chart or any Varga chart is in a form of a coma and unfriendly and never useful and is forcing us to work exhausting to free its signification. It’s a troublesome signal because it requires toil and grief to turn out to be realized over a very long time. With Jupiter proudly owning the twelfth and third homes and Jupiter debilitated in Capricorn, there’s a drawback with ethics in enterprise, and Jupiter’s ethical knowledge is misplaced. China, a Capricorn rising nation, (Oct. 1, 1949 3 pm, Beijing) is being referred to as out for its enterprise piracy of mental property, however stubbornly refuses to bend. Lately, the infrastructure it’s erecting with quite a few bridges and highways embodies the ability of Capricorn and with Saturn and Pluto going into Capricorn in 2020, we are able to see an extra rise of energy for China. Bernie Madoff, a well-known Capricorn rising, thought nothing of funneling pension cash that he collected into his non-public coffers.

When Saturn is stricken in a Capricorn rising chart, the Achilles’ heel is being overly suspicious, egocentric, having issue making buddies, being late and tardy, being gloomy, and overly involved with safety. They make troublesome romantic companions until Venus can come to the rescue within the 1st home, however with their glorious enterprise expertise, if Saturn is robust, they’re typically glorious enterprise companions.

Saturn owns the first and 2nd homes for Capricorn rising and Saturn will get its self-worth caught up and what they’ve. Rahu is the co-owner of Aquarius and may simply get Capricorns caught up in financial savings and having too many guidelines round their household. If Saturn is exalted then Capricorn can blossom in relationships and be in service of humanity whereas in Aries it can undergo from emotional coldness, laziness, and need to regulate.

Venus is the perfect planet for Capricorn proudly owning the fifth and tenth homes and it gives materials pleasure for Capricorn and its fun-loving nature balances out the hard-working crusty aspect of Saturn. Girls notably stability out Capricorn males and marriage, creativity at work and inventive expression and sexual expression and therapeutic massage are keys to balancing Saturn.

Mercury is the 2nd finest planet for Capricorn proudly owning the sixth and ninth homes of Gemini and Virgo. The ninth home linked to a different earthy enterprise signal suggests that tough work and practicality in enterprise issues will create success. The prankster and comedic high quality of Mercury remind us that Capricorns want extra comedy and humor to get via their struggling and exhausting work and so watching comedy on TV, collaborating in improv will assist lighten their struggles. Ketu doesn’t do effectively in Capricorn as its mystical nature is deeply disturbed by Saturn’s sensible aspect and Ketu positioned in Capricorn can get too caught up in materials endeavors and neglect its mission.

Capricorn has issue with the Solar though the Solar which represents our Divine spark remains to be a impartial planet to Capricorn as a result of it should finally attempt for that greater non secular realm. The Solar can provide it energy and confidence, but when stricken, because the eighth home ruler of Leo, it will probably trigger abuse of energy and vulnerability. If Solar is exalted in Aries, then Capricorn has a totally realized Divine coronary heart and may transfer past energy constraints whereas Solar in Libra the place it’s fallen will trigger energy and tyrannical vitality at work and should pressure Capricorns into their darkish and controlling nature.

The moon is a troublesome planet for Capricorns proudly owning the seventh home of Most cancers as they are going to have a tendency to draw emotional companions at odds with their sensible nature, nevertheless it can provide them sturdy intuitive skills in enterprise partnerships if the moon is robust. Moon exalted in Taurus within the fifth home will enable for artistic enterprise growth because of the joint possession of Venus proudly owning the tenth. Moon in Scorpio might give them a powerful need for extra earnings to beat emotional insecurities round shallowness.

Mars is a troublesome planet for Capricorns proudly owning the 4th and Eleventh they’ll create cruelty in home life to additional their work careers and incline them towards actual property and have troublesome and combating relationships with their mom if Mars is stricken. The Eleventh home is badhaka for Capricorn creating complicated energies round buddies, earnings, and teams and resulting in combating round all of them. If Mars is exalted in Capricorn it will probably create non secular energies and powerful ambition, but when in Most cancers, very troublesome relationships will end result typically resulting in divorce.

In abstract, Capricorns are highly effective creators of the fabric realm however want to maneuver past self-centeredness and uncover spirituality to fly out of the swamp of struggling. They need to keep in mind to be moral, stability their life with enjoyable and sensual expertise, and attempt to assist heal humanity. Then the dragon can emerge into its full pressure of inspiration.


The deepest function of astrology ought to enable us to see the Maya or phantasm that runs via our thoughts and blocks us from seeing our personal Divinity. Astrology ought to reveal our hidden patterns and never simply affirm what we find out about our self already. Barry’s deep psychological evaluation of the zodiacal indicators, planets, and homes provides new dimensions and depth in understanding Vedic astrology. Whereas appropriate for brand new college students of Vedic astrology, even seasoned veteran astrologer will see new methods of indicators, homes, and planets. As a bonus, Barry provides a piece on planetary interpretation involving retrogrades, exaltation, debilitation, combustion, and rather more.

The good non secular trainer Yogananda was fond of claiming that almost all of what we name the non secular battle can be a psychological battle and as soon as that battle is gained, the non secular battle is a brief one. This e book goals to help you in deep non secular development with profound psychological perception.



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