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Full Moon In Leo — Ruby Slipper Astrology

Full Moon In Leo — Ruby Slipper Astrology


The Leo Full Moon (5 deg) happens at 12:53 pm EST. It squares Jupiter in Taurus (6 deg) and opposes Pluto in Aquarius (0 deg). 

Any Full Moon in Leo goes to be dramatic –  peak vitality within the signal of delight, efficiency, energy and royalty. When squared by Jupiter, count on the entire above to be amplified  – look ahead to stress over growth/beliefs that pushes these outcomes additional. This might be a win – your second within the highlight however as a result of stress of the sq. will probably be accompanied by a serious threat, consideration you did not rely on or undignified shows. 

After which the opposition to Pluto in Aquarius. These outcomes will probably be excessive with an undercurrent of life or demise. Word that I am referring to the sentiments that may come up. It can really feel like your life relies on the applause or the ability. After all, your life is not going to truly depend upon these items however an opposition to Pluto triggers projection of shadow points plus a complete ending- you could be coping with the darkness behind the shine as a deeper compulsion emerges. One thing exterior (the collective, know-how, the longer term) might seem like the set off however that is truly about your uncomfortable truths. 

How a lot are you prepared to threat to attract consideration to your self/your beliefs? How vital is it so that you can win? The extra strenuous the denial about ego, the nearer it is best to look. If another person is within the highlight, have a look at their shadow – will probably be on show. 

Now, this isn’t to say that each success throughout this Full Moon will probably be corrupted. Some wins will probably be deserved and superb. However the tense elements from Jupiter and Pluto are cautions – look ahead to different issues that come out when the sunshine glitters.

Including to the warning, we now have an actual sq. from Mars in Capricorn to Chiron in Aries (15 deg). Formidable actions will probably be painful. The extra you try for management, the extra it can damage. Perhaps your authority is challenged. However this does not imply you are going to lose – Chiron all the time gives a chance to heal and the sq. (a corner-turning side) says the outcomes of this Full Moon can reveal a wound whereas encouraging you to do one thing about it. 

Perhaps a bruise finally ends up being the most effective factor since you’re pressured to pause and take inventory of how actions/anger have introduced you nose to nose along with your vulnerabilities. A distinct sort of ambition is named for now – if you wish to transfer ahead, you could make room for ache and combine your weaknesses along with your strengths. 

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