Home Horoscopes Full Moon January 2024 I Bombastic! By Darkstar Astrology

Full Moon January 2024 I Bombastic! By Darkstar Astrology

Full Moon January 2024 I Bombastic! By Darkstar Astrology


The Full Moon on 25 January 2024 falls at 5º Leo decan 1. Facet: Sq. Jupiter. Fastened Star: Azmidiske within the stern of Argo the ship. Asteroid: Academia. Tarot Card: 5 Of Wands. Therapeutic Crystal: Pink Jasper.

Full Moon In Leo Decan 1

The Leo Full Moon January 2024 lacks particular powers on this decan however favours buying materials wealth, whether or not by inheritance, inherited traits, or skills. Household values are outstanding, emphasizing the passing down of beneficial belongings to future generations. Vehlow notes that the Chinese language termed the celebrities on this decan as “the asses and the manger,” calling the Aselli and Praesaepe “Spirit Of The Ancestors.” If conjunct the moon, peculiar experiences with the realms of the useless have been anticipated.

A possible problem on this new moon section is a robust identification with household, making a collective mindset amongst members. The alignment with the fastened star Praesaepe intensifies this connection to the ‘spirit of the ancestors.’

Breaking undesirable immature behaviour patterns proves difficult. The brand new moon in Leo decan 1 fosters a deep respect for older generations, drawing one nearer to spirit guides. The comforting assist throughout this full moon boosts confidence.

Full Moon Tarot, Star & Asteroid

The 5 of Wands, related to this decan, symbolizes a departure from standard norms. Its explosive power breaks conventional guidelines, with Wands diverging in varied instructions concurrently, creating an environment of unpredictability, drama, and chaos.

Hearth, representing this card’s power, seeks unbridled growth, thriving on momentum and enthusiasm. This mirrors the dynamic and aggressive nature of Leo, influenced by the ruling pressure of Saturn on this decan.

The fastened star Azmidiske within the stern of Argo, is believed to bestow prosperity in commerce and voyages, accompanied by enhanced psychological and non secular energy. Puppis, the ship’s stern, is laden with intricate woodwork, symbolizing Leo decan 1’s deep appreciation for magnificence and the humanities. The time period “Puppis,” which means “a doll or small picture,” refers back to the sacred idols affixed to the ship’s stern, typically depicting lions. This theme resonates strongly with the protecting lioness motif, echoing the symbolism of the Nice Mom Bear in Ursa Main. The bear embodies quiet, feminine energy, solely turning aggressive when defending her cubs.

The asteroid Academia is conjunct with the Full Moon. There is no such thing as a Greek goddess named Academia. The phrase originates from Historic Greek Akademía, referring to a grove of bushes and a gymnasium situated outdoors Athens the place Plato served as a trainer. The title is related to the supposed former proprietor of the property, the Attica hero Akademos. His title, Latinized as Academus, apparently means “of a silent district”.

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