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Goddess Saraswati and Mercury retrograde

Goddess Saraswati and Mercury retrograde


Embracing Saraswati’s Knowledge Throughout Mercury Retrograde

When you learn my latest publish about understanding Mercury retrograde, you already know that it’s a time when life is usually a little bit on the complicated facet.

However right now, I wish to introduce you to the Goddess who stands out because the one to assist us throughout Mercury retrograde; the Hindu Goddess of Mercurial issues comparable to language, communication and data (amongst different issues), the wonderful Goddess Saraswati.

I’ve been working with Saraswati since about 2005 on account of my frequent journeys to the Sri Narayani Peedam in India and just about all the things I learn about her, I do know from there.

So right now I assumed I’d discover how calling Saraswati in underneath Mercury retrograde can assist us to navigate the challenges of Mercury retrograde…

Keep in mind, Mercury retrograde is usually a time of confusion when communication, expertise, and thought processes can go awry. Misunderstandings and delays about – however so do second probabilities. Once more, in case you’re unclear about Mercury retrograde, take a look at my publish from yesterday.

So Who Is Goddess Saraswati?

As I do know her, Saraswati is part of the triple Goddess Narayani, the deity worshipped on the ashram in India the place I’ve been going for coming as much as 50 years. You’ll typically see her with varied symbols – the veena (a musical instrument), a guide, and a rosary or swan … She is alleged to be the Goddess who launched language to the world and as such, Saraswati aligns with each the communications planet Mercury and the cycle of Mercury retrograde….

So take into account studying up extra about Her – the attractive and serene Goddess Saraswati can provide readability and calm throughout Mercury retrograde simply by her presence.

How To Name Saraswati In…

The simplest approach to name her in is to chant AIM which is pronounced I’M. That is her seed or beja mantra. You could find tons of of AIM chants on YouTube – take your choose! You’ll be able to chant her title earlier than, throughout or after a meditation, over a fireplace or earlier than you altar with a statue or printed-out picture of her.

There may be little argument about the truth that Mercury retrograde could be difficult at occasions. Which makes it a good time to show to Goddess Saraswati for assist – you’ll not solely really feel higher as she assists you however additionally, you will get an opportunity to know probably the most stunning Goddesses of all, in my humble opinion!

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