Home Astrology Harness the Energy of the Moon with Your Oracle Playing cards!

Harness the Energy of the Moon with Your Oracle Playing cards!

Harness the Energy of the Moon with Your Oracle Playing cards!


Moonology and oracle playing cards go hand in hand and create an incredible combo…

Have you ever ever thought of how these two non secular instruments might intertwine?

Right here’s one approach I guess you haven’t tried but…

Pairing Moon’s Signal with Oracle Playing cards

Generally you may have a burning query which you need the oracle playing cards to reply. And typically you simply need Divine steering, proper?

So whenever you’re feeling chill, do this; start your day by drawing an oracle card, together with your intentions aligned with the Moon’s present signal.

This may also help you to get some critical self-improvement insights!

To start with, discover out which signal the Moon is in immediately – yow will discover that on the entrance web page of this web site daily (with our Day by day Moon Message), on my Fb web page or in my Moonology Diary and Desk Calendar, amongst different locations!

As soon as you understand that, you begin to know what to ask…

Listed here are just a few concepts… when the Moon is in …

1. When the Moon is in Aries:

– Vitality: Fiery, proactive, pioneering.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “How can I take cost immediately or embark on a brand new trajectory/in a brand new course?”
– Reflection: With Aries’ spirited power, the playing cards would possibly spotlight areas the place extra boldness and braveness are wanted.

2. When the Moon is in Taurus:

– Vitality: Earthy, grounding, steady.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “In what methods can I nurture my bodily and emotional well-being immediately?”
– Reflection: Taurus prompts a name to consolation, luxurious, and grounding. The playing cards can provide insights into sensual pleasures, too.

3. When the Moon is in Gemini:

– Vitality: Ethereal, communicative, curious.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “What information ought to I search or share immediately?”
– Reflection: Use Gemini’s energetic psychological power to ask about immediate conversations you want to have.

4. When the Moon is in Most cancers:

– Vitality: Watery, nurturing, emotional.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “How can I greatest nurture myself or others immediately?”
– Reflection: With Most cancers’s deep emotional resonance, ask the playing cards about residence, household, or intuitive issues.

5. When the Moon is in Leo:

– Vitality: Fiery, expressive, regal.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “The place ought to I shine my mild and categorical my distinctive self immediately?”
– Reflection: Leo’s vibrant power highlights creativity, self-expression, or taking heart stage.

6. When the Moon is in Virgo:

– Vitality: Earthy, meticulous, service-oriented.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “How can I carry order and helpfulness to my day?”
– Reflection: Use Virgo’s detail-oriented power to type out something associated to service, well being, and/or your each day routines.

7. When the Moon is Libra:

– Vitality: Ethereal, harmonious, balanced.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “How can I create stability or concord immediately?”
– Reflection: Use Libra’s harmonious vibe might to ask about private {and professional} partnerships, or aesthetic pleasures.

8. When the Moon is Scorpio:

– Vitality: Watery, intense, transformative.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “What deeper truths or transformations are calling to me?”
– Reflection: Dare to delve into Scorpio’s depths – queries about emphasizing thriller, intimacy, or rebirth are all on the desk.

9. When the Moon is Sagittarius:

– Vitality: Fiery, adventurous, philosophical.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “The place ought to I search journey or larger knowledge?”
– Reflection: Sagittarius can steer your playing cards in the direction of themes of journey, exploration, or non secular quests.

10. When the Moon is Capricorn:

– Vitality: Earthy, disciplined, bold.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “What objectives ought to I give attention to or steps ought to I take in the direction of my ambitions?”
– Reflection: Capricorn’s pragmatic power can carry forth reply about your work, profession and/or ambitions, construction, self-discipline, or long-term planning.

11. When the Moon is Aquarius:

– Vitality: Ethereal, modern, communal.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “How can I serve the collective or embrace my distinctive visions?”
– Reflection: Faucet into the Aquarius and ask now what the world can do for you however what you are able to do for the world!

12. When the Moon is Pisces:

– Vitality: Watery, dreamy, intuitive.
– Oracle Card Inquiry: “What intuitive messages or desires are surfacing for me?”
– Reflection: Pisces’ ethereal power can carry on superb non secular insights, life-changing compassion, or inspirating inventive power.

Every time the Moon strikes into a brand new signal, it provides a recent perspective and power. Pairing that with the knowledge of your oracle playing cards can offer you nuanced steering that’s each private and in concord with the cosmos.

Easy methods to …

1. Tune In: Begin by checking the Moon’s present signal (my Moonology Diary and Desk Calendar will let you know!).

2. Set Your Intention: Replicate on the power of that signal. Is it fiery, watery, earthy, or ethereal? Adventurous or homebound?

3. Draw Your Card: With the Moon’s power in thoughts, shuffle your oracle deck and draw your each day card. My new Moonology Messages deck is all about utilizing your instinct to interpret the cardboard you get.

4. Replicate and Journal: Contemplate how the cardboard’s message pertains to the signal the Moon is in. Maybe journal about your emotions, intuitions, or any motion steps you’re impressed to take. (You get a free Oracle Playing cards Journaling Immediate whenever you order or register your deck right here!)

The reality is on the market! The Moon is whispering. Are you listening?!

PS I will probably be talking about all this and extra in individual on the Birmingham MBS on November 19 – come alongside! Discover out extra and purchase tickets right here.



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