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How can a passive planet change my life?

How can a passive planet change my life?

According to Astrology, a passive planet can have an impact on your life beyond your control through its influence on various factors. Astrology stresses that the position and alignment of celestial bodies at the time of your birth can determine certain aspects of your personality, life events, and even your destiny. While you have free will to make choices, astrology suggests that the movements and interactions of planets can influence your life in the following ways:

1. Natal Chart Interpretation:

A passive planet’s placement (e.g. of Mars) in your natal chart (also known as a birth chart) can indicate certain traits and tendencies that you possess. These characteristics may shape your life experiences and interactions with others, often beyond your conscious control.

2. Transits and Progressions:

As planets continue to move in the sky, their transits and progressions form aspects to your natal planets. These planetary alignments can trigger events and opportunities in your life. A passive planet’s transit or progression may bring forth unforeseen circumstances or changes that impact you in significant ways.

Planets & You
Planets & You

3. Karmic Influences:

Astrologers believe in the concept of karma, suggesting that past actions influence your present and future experiences. A passive planet’s placement and aspects in your natal chart can indicate karmic lessons or debts that need to be addressed in this lifetime. The challenges or opportunities associated with these planets can manifest in unexpected ways and influence your life path.

4. Collective Consciousness:

Astrology considers the interconnectedness between individuals and the collective consciousness. Passive planets, even though they may appear less active, contribute to the overall energetic landscape. The influence of these planets on a collective level can indirectly affect societal structures, cultural trends, and the overall environment in which you live.

5. Synchronicity and Divine Timing:

Astrology emphasizes the concept of synchronicity, suggesting that events in the external world can align with your internal processes. A passive planet’s influence, even when seemingly inactive, can coincide with pivotal moments or turning points in your life. This can result in unexpected encounters, opportunities, or challenges that are beyond your control.

While it’s important to note that astrology is a matter of belief and interpretation, astrologers contend that passive planets, in their subtlety, can still exert an influence on your life, shaping your experiences and offering opportunities for growth and self-discovery.


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