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How To Deal with The Empty Homes In Your Chart

How To Deal with The Empty Homes In Your Chart


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Expensive Elsa,

I’ve a type of charts the place only some homes are busy and the remainder are empty. My chart has no oppositions, planets are positioned in third, 4th and fifth homes. That’s it.

Query: if prime of the chart is empty, ought to I try in direction of growing what’s represented by the empty homes? On one hand, doing so can be a problem and result in development. However on the opposite, if one thing is alien to us, shouldn’t we as a substitute be concentrating on what we get pleasure from – issues of the homes our planets are in?

Unambitious Capricorn in London

Hello, Capricorn.

Your life will probably be targeted on areas of life the place you’ve gotten planets.  It’s regular and pure, you’re designed this manner.  In your case, the planets are additionally tightly clustered which is one other consideration.  You’re lopsided. This makes you a specialist.

I’m lopsided too, with concentrate on homes 7, 8 and 9.  I’ve been right here for almost 25 years, persistently focused on relationships, working one on one, psychology, pathology, taboo and philosophy, beliefs and the massive image ’around the world. These items will at all times be main however I can profit from contemplating the affairs of the other homes.

For instance, I married a Taurus. Sure, he has a Scorpio moon, however his solar balances my eighth home. Er… preserve it easy? Generally a potato is only a potato?

Taurus strikes like a snail as in comparison with my Mercury Mars conjunction. It’s a counter to my racing engine; which retains me from spinning out and/or making loopy psychological leaps.

I’ll by no means be this different individual. I’ll by no means be self-centered for instance, with my Libra and my seventh home, nonetheless, publicity to Aries is sweet for me.

My husband has Aries. He’s taught me to combat, successfully. I’m nonetheless opposed to it, by nature, however are you getting this concept right here?

I naturally attempt to work issues out… however hanging with Satori all these years, I’ve realized to let issues work themselves out, at instances. That is large.

My reply is, be your self however respect persons are are totally different than you.  Develop and study from them.


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Good luck!



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