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How To Survive Venus Retrograde In Leo 2023

How To Survive Venus Retrograde In Leo 2023


By now, we have all heard of the nightmare that’s Mercury retrograde. However it’s not the one planet that goes retrogradeDo not panic, and do not do something rash, however this yr, we’ll additionally encounter Venus in retrograde.

What’s Venus retrograde?

Venus is the planet that represents love, attraction, and cash, in addition to our tastes and fundamental beliefs in regards to the worth of objects, and the individuals in our lives. When Venus is retrograde, it could really feel like these areas of your life are imploding.

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“We’re requested to pause and replicate on the trajectory, the best way that issues are going, round our love lives, our monetary lives, {our relationships} with different individuals, our relationship to pleasure and creativity,” astrology TikTok creator @zoflowastro explains in a TikTok video

Venus retrograde impacts everybody, irrespective of what your zodiac signal is. When a planet is in retrograde, it offers us a chance to replicate again on unfinished enterprise and tie up free ends, significantly relating to the themes of the homes that Venus guidelines in your chart. “There’s quite a lot of sort of assessment, reflection and rebranding” in these areas, says @zoflowastro within the TikTok, 

Venus retrograde dates 2023

Venus retrogrades each 18 months, with the Venus retrograde 2023 dates spanning from July 22 to September 3. 



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