Home Astrology Imbolc Rituals – Clear For Final Freshness In Aquarius Season

Imbolc Rituals – Clear For Final Freshness In Aquarius Season

Imbolc Rituals – Clear For Final Freshness In Aquarius Season


Spring Is Coming! 5 Imbolc Rituals – Aquarius Season, Bridgid & Extra…

Begin Anew With Enthusiasm!

The midpoint between Winter Solstice Equinox and the Spring Equinox, through the center of Aquarius Season we’ve ‘Imbolc’, a.okay.a. Imbolg or Saint Brigid’s Day.

Imbolc Rituals – held round February 1st

That is the second marking the start of the yr…

Examine the astrological significance of Imbolc, right here.

Inspiration for the rituals of Imbolc can come from Goddess Brigit, Brigid or Bríg, and in addition arrive from the standard rites of passage from outdated

We will additionally observe that in lots of components of the world Candlemas is well known, a pageant of lights. In pre-Christian instances this days was know because the ‘Feast of Lights’ and celebrated the growing energy of the solar as winter yielded to spring.

Goddess Brigid…

Brigid feels very Aquarian to me. She’s the goddess of all issues perceived to be of comparatively excessive dimension: high-rising flames, highlands and hill-forts, and actions and states conceived as psychologically lofty and elevated.

Knowledge, excellence, perfection, excessive intelligence, poetic eloquence, craftsmanship (particularly blacksmithing), therapeutic means, druidic information and ability in warfare are related to Brigid.

Brigid, the goddess whom poets adored…

Imbolc displays nature – the solar returning to the world as winter’s maintain diminishes… Brigid is a goddess linked to the daybreak, a goddess of therapeutic and knowledge, of craft and trades. 

5 Methods To Carry You Into Alignment With The Season…

Listed here are my high suggestions, recommendations for Imbolc magnificence rituals…

1. Spring Clear & Put Snowdrops In A Vase!

Traditionally, a customary a part of Imbolc was to Spring Clear.

Subsequently use this second of the yr to do a deep de-clutter, purify, refresh, and set the tone for spring and the yr forward.

The very first flowers of spring, snowdrops are a beautiful addition to your shelf.

Begin as you imply to go on, making your individual recipes and cleansing options, which isn’t solely an natural method to clear however cheaper, too. 

Ship any valuable clothes to the dry cleaners for a refresh, which can be an opportune second to detox your closet.

2. Make Restitution – And Wash Away The Dust…

Don’t Be Too Chilly To Maintain…

A cheerful face is a lovely face, and being proper with the world lets us relaxation straightforward – scale back these frown traces naturally! Although no judgement if you need just a little assist!

Tip, make these amends… Do you owe anybody an apology? Let it die with the chilly coronary heart of winter, and prepared your self for a recent begin at spring… and wash away the particles of the previous with a cleansing salt bathtub!

It’s a luxurious to be blessed with a bathtub however for those who don’t have a shower – solely a bathe – you may improvise with salt scrub and your creativeness.

Because the water runs over your head visualize the highly effective cleaning properties of water, in physique, thoughts, soul and spirit…

Don’t overlook to dry brush! Bear in mind that is Aquarius Season, a time ruled historically by Saturn, guardian of the pores and skin…

3. Use A Sacred Cross & Grasp Brigid’s Cross Or A Corn Doll!

An exquisite sacred image presently of yr is the cross of Goddess Brigid.

Crafted by the Celts and hung above home windows or entrances as a method to invite the Goddess into their properties throughout spring.

Brigid was thought of the keeper of the flame of life, and the cross represents kindling used to maintain the house fires burning. It’s additionally a talisman of safety.

4. Imbolc Rituals – Open The Home windows…

Let any staid ideas be blown away through the time of Air Signal Aquarius’ reign…

5. Mild A Sacred Ceremonial Hearth Or Particular Candle…

As one of many cross quarter days, Imbolc is without doubt one of the fireplace festivals. Subsequently purification by fireplace is a superb software to be honoured now.

What’s extra, the affiliation with Candlemas – and the Feast of Lights – make for an exquisite excuse to obtain a brand new candle!

Candlemas is a Christian pageant held presently, commemorating the Virgin Mary’s journey to a Temple in Jerusalem.

There she can be purified 40 days, and in remembrance, training Christians could have their candles blessed for the yr throughout a service of worship.

Cinnamon is a very efficient scent for Aquarius!

Attempt to discover a candle with the scent of cinnamon, or burn some in your cauldron. 

We’d prefer to burn our candle to honor Brigid, and the Everlasting Flame… 

Saint Brigid could effectively remind you of the Roman Goddess and asteroid Vesta, the Goddess of the Fireside – the fireside’s flame personified. She protected the house and household unit, and tended to the fireplace.

Brigid, in addition to different figures – Belisama and Sul – are related to female craft, domesticity and the cult of fireside. However they’re really totally different goddesses – learn extra right here!

See all of the seasonal celebrations within the wheel of the yr



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