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Important Oils For Sagittarius Aromatherapy Astrology

Important Oils For Sagittarius Aromatherapy Astrology


Natalie Delahaye Provides Us Cosmic Perception On Stellar Scents For The Archer…

How can we use therapeutic oils in the course of the season of Sagittarius – late November to late December? What are the perfect important aromatherapy oils for Sagittarius themselves?

Let’s look to the celebs for solutions! As a complementary remedy, we will work with aromatherapy, with really useful blends for various seasons.

Throughout Sagittarius Season, we would like to think about the important oils which have a balancing, therapeutic impact on Sagittarius. These embrace Eucalyptus, Camomile and Lemon..


Eucalyptus is a flexible oil for the archers. Superb for including to your publish sport therapeutic massage mix, it may loosen up these tight, aching, thigh muscle groups (the Sagittarian a part of the physique) or including to a sauna for a refreshing sweat.

To your travels, attempt an immune boosting antibacterial defence spray by including a number of drops of eucalyptus, lemongrass and tea tree to water.


A Sagittarius aromatherapy oil in your equipment is Camomile. This can be a mentally and bodily calming important oil for, making it an ideal selection for the night. Take into account including it to your tub or diffuser. 

It’s an expression oil, which resonates with the throat chakra, serving to to launch anger and encourage fact and readability in thought and motion.

Chamomile is efficient in counteracting the Sagittarian tendency in direction of scorching headedness and impulsiveness.


Sagittarius has an enormous urge for food for all times and typically can find yourself taking up excess of they will take care of. Their eyes will also be greater than their stomach, with regards to meals.

Well being clever the liver can endure, so a number of lemon within the weight loss program will actually assist with detoxing the system after wealthy meals and drinks.

  • The lemon important oil is cleaning and balancing and might be added to an aromatherapy diffuser or to a therapeutic massage mix.

Lemon important oil that resonates with Sagittarius’ character, it’s cheery, upbeat and make an ideal antidepressant.

Sagittarius Aromatherapy: Ideas, Directions and Security!

There are numerous methods to soak up important oils. You’ll be able to both use a diffuser, add as much as 5 drops to tub or have an Aromatherapy Therapeutic massage.

I recommend utilizing 10 drops to each 40ml service oil for a therapeutic massage.

At all times do a pores and skin check for oils you’ve by no means used, within the unlikely occasion of an allergy. To do that, add a drop to the again of your wrist, by way of a cotton bud, apply a plaster and wait for twenty-four hours.

There are some oils that are advantageous to make use of throughout being pregnant, although a number of them aren’t. Please examine earlier than use and don’t ingest or apply the oils neat…



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